I Like Free Stuff

I really like free stuff.  Free stuff is a good thing right?  It started as a small thing. A free sample here, a reward program there.  A few of the free things I have include trial size shampoos, conditioners, and lotions, pizza seasoning, two packs of bubble gum, samples of all in one laundry detergent/dryer sheets, pens, post-its, and a free pedometer. In my spare time I have been finding free stuff with the help of a couple different websites.  I learned that if I sign up for Pampers rewards I can earn free stuff.  If I sign up for Huggies rewards I can play instant win games to win free stuff or earn points to get free stuff.  I signed up for Shutterfly and got free photos. I signed for the Similac program and got a free photo book. Even though I nurse my baby exclusively, I give the coupons I get to my brother for my nephew so I think the Similac company thinks that I feed my baby formula. I feel a just a tiny bit dishonest about this, but there is a baby who I am using the coupons for, he’s just not my baby.  It does add up to some junk e-mail, but I  just send the junk to my junk folder. I signed up for the Disney Movie Rewards to earn free stuff too.

Even product recalls have ending my getting things for free.  I told a friend that I don’t really like the baby carrier I have.  When she was visiting she brought me a baby carrier that her friend made so that I could try it out.  The next day I was doing some research online about baby carriers and slings and I happened across an article about a recall of certain slings.  It was not the carrier that I have been using. It was one that I have kept even though I have never used it.  It was given to me by a friend.  The Infantico company asks that people using their slings mail in a piece of the sling to prove that they actually have one and in exchange you can choose a product for them to send you for free.  I’m getting new baby carrier for free and I am excited about it! The friend who gave it to me I’m sure will be excited for me too since her “baby” is too big for a baby carrier now.

The free stuff sometimes isn’t totally free. There are strings attached like having to sign up for e-mails, but you can always unsubscribe.  Sometimes you have to pay shipping costs, but paying $6 shipping for a photo book that is normally $30 is still a pretty good deal!  I like free stuff, and I’m not ashamed to confess it!


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