Taking a Look Back

When you look at your past sometimes you are able to see things a lot more clearly.  Last night I found one of my prayer journals from 2004.  I have several journals of my prayers to God.  It’s one way that I am able to convey my thoughts, my hopes, my dreams, along with my worries and fears to my Father in heaven. It is fun to take a look back at how God has answered my prayer.

In the year 2004 I had been married for 3 years.  I didn’t have any children.  I was working a full-time job with at-risk teenagers.  James had been sick and was not working, but that summer he worked at a Cub Scout camp and for the first time, I worked as a volunteer at the Cub Scout camp. I don’t recall this at all, but I prayed and wrote, “When I think maybe I could work at camp during the summer every year, I wonder what it will be like being a mom and coming to camp with my kids.” I poured over pages and pages of my own pleadings with God to have a child of my own and asking God to prepare me for the job of being a mom.  In July of 2004 my first pregnancy ended in miscarriage. It was in the fall that he started working at Carmel High School.

My full-time job taking care of other people’s children gave way to taking care of my own children as my more than full-time job. God has allowed me to have not one, not two, not three, but four beautiful children. I try my hardest not to take any of them for granted.  Today my husband and I dedicated our fourth child, Isabel, to God.    I had to stop reading my journal to share with James the prayer about camp.  I was floored to realize that prayer, which I did not remember at all,  has been answered.  This past summer was my 2nd summer going to camp with kids, and my first summer of actually working at camp.  James’ job in the Carmel Clay school system has provided for our family for many years.

Reading through the pages of my journal and  looking back at my past prayers I was reminded how God was at work in my life in 2004.  I have trusted Him in the past and I know that I can trust him now and in the future.


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