My sister and I are only fourteen months apart in age. Growing up people always thought that we were twins. To this day there are people in Muncie who think there is only one of us. I think we look similar but I don’t think that we look like identical twins at all.  I have felt pretty confident that my kids all look very different and that they will not have the problem of mistaken identity that my sister and I have.  Two little photos have shaken my confidence a little.  On the desktop of my laptop I have a series collages of my kids at various ages.  While trying to find 4 month old photos for each of the kids tonight I stumbled across the following two photos.

These are my two girls! Isabel is on the left and Eliana is on the right!  I can’t get over the similarities! The girls are 20 months apart and I must say that I wonder if people will mistake them for twins as they get older.  Only time will tell, but at least they do have different hair and eye colors! I think their ears are different and their dimples are different. What do you think?

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