Christmas Program Adventure

I could give you the long of it or I could give you the short of it! I have decided a list of my adventure points from this years Christmas program will do well for now!

Before getting to church:

  1. Andy and Eliana played for over an hour instead of going to sleep and naps have to be cut short due to their late start.
  2. Joshua was VERY well rested.
  3. Pre-program practice at 5 p.m. means 7 min. mac ‘n cheese is dinner.

During pre-program practice:

  1. Eliana was not on stage and was instead running up and down the aisle.
  2. Joshua was running and jumping back and forth on stage. *Remember he was VERY well rested!

Between practice and the program:

  1. Joshua was supposed to be a shepherd. He decided he wanted to be a wise man. The only difference was a crown.
  2. Two diaper changes. That were followed shortly by a third diaper change because the wise man had to go again!
  3. We couldn’t find an angel outfit for the littlest angel. We improvised and cut a hole in a piece of white fabric and pulled the excess over her sash to shorten it.

Waiting for the kids part in the order of service:

  1. Eliana would not sit still. She was in my lap. Standing in the pew. Trying to run in the aisle. Constantly on the move. This did not work well for taking photos and video of the service.
  2. Joshua lost his crown over and over and over again. I tried to get him to let me hold it.
  3. Eliana kept taking her halo off. I finally put it in the pew in front of us and left it there.
  4. Andy kept asking me, “Is it time to eat yet?”  I kept reminding him that he did eat already!
  5. Andy and Joshua both asked me if it was time for them to go on stage and then told me that they didn’t want to. I tried to keep telling them that it was almost time.

The kids part in the program:

  1. Joshua lost his crown going up the 2 small steps  onto the stage. He went back down to get it after Andy told him that he lost it.
  2. Joshua started to take “baby Jesus” out of the manger. He made eye contact with me and I must have given him the mom look because he stepped away from the manger.
  3. Eliana wanted to stand in front of a microphone and she pushed another girl out of the way to stand there.
  4. When it was time for Joshua to say his part he pushed Eliana out-of-the-way.
  5. I am going to have to record Joshua saying his line on video because he was hilarious! I have never heard anyone say “The shepherds left their sheep alone to see the baby king,” with so much enthusiasm.
  6. Eliana flapped her arms so that he costume bunched up all over and she looked more like a marshmallow than an angel.
  7. I couldn’t understand what Eliana said for her line except for the words “baby king.”
  8. Andy said his line very clearly for everyone to hear.
  9. Joshua was nowhere to be found during the song/medley of Joy to the World. Andy sang his heart out.

After the program:

  1. Joshua came off stage saying that he was stinky.
  2. When I started to take Eliana and Joshua down the aisle to the restroom Eliana tripped and fell.
  3. Joshua and Eliana were so loud in the restroom I was sure everyone in the church could hear them.

And so another year’s Christmas program is done! It was an adventure. I laughed. No one cried. A good time was had by all. The angels sang a welcome song to greet the baby king. The shepherds left their sheep alone to meet the baby king. The wise men traveled oh so far to meet the baby king.  How about you? How are you meeting and greeting the Savior of the world this Christmas?


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