We are recovering. We’re all going to church for the first time in what seems like a month, because I can’t remember when we last went, but I’m sure we have missed at least 2 Sundays. When 6 out of 6 in the family are sick life is turned upside down! Joshua’s nose is still running.  Isabel and I are still coughing a little. James’ throat is still sore. Eliana, who was sick first, recovered first. Andy seemed to be the least sick of all of us.

For over a week the kids sat in front of the t.v. ALL. DAY. LONG. In my own defense if they ran around they were coughing their heads off. I was not in any frame of mind to parent them since I started getting sick after all of the kids started feeling better. They cried like it was the end of the world when I made them turn the t.v. off. They have acted like they forgot how to play!

The combination of Eliana’s usual separation anxiety and the fact that she was not feeling well were enough to drive me completely batty! “I want you too :::dramatic pause::: hold me,” she would whine. James and I should have named her “Sassy,” because now that’s she’s feeling better her current favorite sayings are,  “I don’t want to,” and “No, I not,” and “Go get me  ___(insert random thing that she wants)___!”

While I was feeling bad I barely washed any laundry, which is not to say that I ever do much laundry, but I did even less than usual. I am really proud that everyone had clean socks and underwear for church tomorrow (as long as we are counting what is in the dryer)!

Every day they are multiple job hazards that I get to deal with. My cousin thinks I should start a list and put them into a book. I may just do that some day! Most of them are the usual job hazards. One new job hazard, since Isabel has not been feeling well, is that volcanic eruptions requiring extra laundry have become an everyday and sometimes a multiple time a day occurrence as opposed to the usual every other day that I am used to.  Tonight’s job hazard seems to be Isabel’s need to wake up every half an hour when she usually goes to sleep for a 6 hour stretch.

Hopefully this next week we’ll get closer to being back to “normal” whatever that means!


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