Quotable Quotes

Everyone loves the patience of a two-year-old, right? Before I gave birth to my daughters James and I joked about giving a girl the name Sassafras and calling her “Sassy” for short. My 2-year-old’s name is Eliana but she is a sassy little thing! Here are some of her favorite things to say lately.

“I want you to get it RIGHT NOW!” She says this almost every time I tell her that she has to wait.

“Are you done Mommy? Are you done? Are you DONE? Are you done? Are you done now?”  This one drives me crazy!

“Hey Knuckle Head!” Eliana learned to say this from me. Thankfully this term of endearment has been reserved only for family members! At least for now!

“No way José! Get out of my way!”  What made this more or less funny depending on how you take it is that she has said this to me while I was just sitting on the couch and she kicked me (softly) in the leg a couple of times.

A few quotes from the rest of the family:

“I miss camp and I miss the campfire.” No matter what the weather Andy talks about camp where we have spent the past two summers hanging out with Boy Scouts!

“I had fun at Grandma Brenda’s house. You know the one that is Daddy’s mother?” Andy talking about our adventure away from home during the ice storm and explaining to Joshua which Grandma he was talking about.

“What in the world?” You never realize how much you use certain sayings until your kids start repeating them! I say this a lot and now it’s Andy’s new favorite saying.

“Leave me alone because my hair is all ruined.” Joshua, who was very tired and  unhappy about getting ready for bed and didn’t want me to brush his hair.

“No one is going to love me any more.” Joshua again. He can’t seem to get the hang of going #2 in the potty. After yet another time that I had to change his Pull-up he was crying. I am not sure where he came up with this, but it was so sad and pitiful that is was funny. I tried to reassure him that no matter what I will always love him.

After we got lots of sleet James and I were looking out the window and trying to decide how much snow had fallen. My wonderful husband commented that our footprints didn’t look like they had been filled in. Then with a smirk he said, “I wonder if your butt-print is filled in.” The day before I had fallen on my behind and left an imprint in the ice-covered snow.  I laughed and hit him.


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  1. Karen

    The proper response to that beyond the slug he got and deserved would be ,”at least it is a possibility…however if you had also left a butt print in the snow there is no way it would be filled in.”

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