She’s on a Roll

The last couple days have been full of change at our house. Isabel has been rolling absolutely everywhere. James and I are used to leaving her in one spot on the floor and not having to worry about her getting into “trouble.” We didn’t have to worry about stuff and toys on the floor except for the ones around her because she couldn’t get to them.

For at least the past month Isabel has rolling from her back to her belly. She was able to move around in a small circle, but she would stay in one small area. Then two days ago she figured out how to roll onto her back!  I thought I had a few weeks if not a few days before she would master rolling over and over again. WRONG!

I am not sure how many times I picked her up and moved her. I don’t know how many times I said, “Watch out for your sister!” or “Look out for Isabel!” I am certain that the kids got tired of me telling them to pick up this toy or that toy so Isabel wouldn’t try to eat it or drool all over it.

She has literally been wearing herself out rolling back and forth and in circles around the living room. She is on a mission to move!  The majority of her day includes rolling, sleeping, and eating! She’s like a pinball in a pinball machine! While she is rolling into this obstacle or that she sometimes gets hung up and stuck in one place. It’s the pinball equivalent of a tilt!  She gets very upset when this happens, so it’s Mommy or Daddy or big brother to the rescue.

I should be used to the fact that babies grow and change. Isabel is my fourth baby but still I want to protest. I don’t want her to grow up! She is too big! I can wait a long time before she is crawling and walking, but I am sure it won’t be any time at all.  Wasn’t it just yesterday that Andy, Joshua, Eliana and Isabel were all tiny helpless babies?  Isabel’s latest feat gives me one more reason to remember this simple fact: Ready or not kids will grow, because that is what kids do!



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3 responses to “She’s on a Roll

  1. I have been having this same revelation lately, too. My daughter is no longer a baby and is a full-fledged little girl. Good grief! Time really does fly.

  2. Shirley A

    It is nice reading your site.. It reminded me of all 4 babies I used to have and now, the youngest is turning 16th this Feb. 14th…. Time flies so fast..! Imagine those times they were so helpless, cutest, exhausted & priceless moments? What we have left now are good memories.. So, enjoy the moments with them because kids really grows so fast… Take care..

  3. Thanks for sharing a lot of stories about your babies.. It is good reminishing those time that i have four little kids running & chasing around the house.. But time flies so fast and they are growing up.. My youngest is now turning 16th this month.. whew…! I can’t believe i survived those restless nights & days….! Mother’s job is so unbelievable and uncomparable.. It is a job that never ends and can not be replace or trades it… Memories of the kids are PRICELESS……………… It is a treasures that every mother will cherish..

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