Stress Makes My Left Eyelid Twitch

::::Warning:::: This is going to be a totally random post of confessions.  I keep thinking that I should blog about something and I couldn’t really decide on one topic.

  1. Going to the grocery store was very humbling today.
  2. The outfits my kids wore to my sister’s wedding are going to be their Easter Sunday outfits
  3. I am taking the outfit that I bought to wear in the wedding back to the store.
  4. I could not find one pair of size 6 slim jeans for Andy today.
  5. I bought “shape wear” for the first time in my life last week.
  6. I love chocolate and strawberry Nesquik.
  7. The boys are hopefully getting a bunk bed this week!
  8. I really wonder who reads these random things that I post.
  9. Today was the first day that I took all four kids on a walk by myself.  They did a great job holding hands and staying with me!
  10. I really dislike it when people don’t take ownership for their actions.
  11. Jesus is my life.
  12. Some of the most important people in my life have been terribly disappointing.
  13. The line between good and evil is getting becoming more defined.
  14. Stress makes my left eyelid twitch. It has been twitching off and on since Friday.
  15. I need 4 small photo jobs or 2 big photo jobs to buy the new camera that I want!
  16. I like the number 16 and that my friend is how many random confessions you are getting for now!


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2 responses to “Stress Makes My Left Eyelid Twitch

  1. I read these random posts of yours. 🙂 Actually, I read all of your posts and enjoy them lots! :))

  2. I also like your random posts and read all of them. 🙂 My left eye also twitches when I’m tired or stressed. Yesterday was a twitchy day. I’m hoping today will not be. 🙂

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