I Told You So . . .

Today was an adventure just as I expected. . . here are some of the highlights:

Eliana not once but twice climbed up onto the top bunk bed. Both times Joshua came to get me and told me that Eliana was in Andy’s bed and she couldn’t get down.

Isabel used the couch to pull herself up to stand up more than once! She sat down or rather rolled down before I could take a photo of her! She also bumped her head more than once!

Joshua cried, stomped out of the room, and threw his toys down when I told him that his aunt (my sister Elizabeth) doesn’t live with his grandma any more because she got married.  Trying to explain weddings and marriage to a 3-year-old is not an easy job!

Isabel was fussy and feverish. I realized that I was out of Ibuprofen and had to call my mom to ask her to get some for me!  My mom is awesome!

I gave all 4 kids a bath at once. I usually put the older 3 in at once.  Since we’ll be spending the night at my sister’s tomorrow I figured I would put Isabel in too. She wasn’t too sure about this at all.  She used to enjoying a nice quiet bath by herself.

Everyone’s asleep for now, so I must be off for a few minutes of “me” time before I hit the sack!!!


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