Joy in the Little Things

My kids always seem to find a way to bring the most joy out of the little things in life . . . like the boys stopping to blow on every dandelion seed head that they see, Eliana pointing out all of the puddles, the baby babbling away at her siblings and the geese, and the boys pretending that the wind was going to blow them away.

Yesterday I found that Isabel’s first tooth has broken through her gums. Another major milestone, that is only a partially joyful because my girl has been a bit more fussy than usual these past few days.

Today I discovered that a Mr Clean Magic Eraser is great for removing algae from the sides of a fish aquarium. This was awesome because a washcloth doesn’t have enough scrubbing power and I refuse to use the dish scrubber that I use on my dishes!

I have recently discovered that a suitcase does not make a very good baby gate laying down, because the baby is pretty fearless and will climb onto it and plunge head first and sometimes head over heads to get to the other side.  When it’s placed on its side though it works quite well at keeping the baby in the living room but it  allows all the older siblings to enter and exit the living room without a hassle.

If you ask Eliana about her little incident involving two stitches and going to the emergency room she will tell you all or part of this little story. “I hurt my head. I go to hospital. Doctor fixed my owie. They’re good guys. They’re super heros to the rescue!”  I hate that she got hurt but she’s definitely puts a positive spin on things and for that I am thankful!

If you practice finding joy in the little things I think that you can find joy in just about any and every situation.

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