Greetings from Camp

My family and I have moved to our home away from home at Ransburg Scout Reservation.  Instead of sending a postcard, I thought I’d write a blog post! The past few weeks has been a whirlwind!

Here is one of our daily stops when we’re in main camp! The MAP! For the next eleven weeks we will live in a small two bedroom cabin in the middle of Hoosier National Forest.  It sounds a lot more rough than it actually is.  We have electricity, running water, air conditioning, the internet.  One thing that we didn’t have the past two years that we have come to camp is a television with a VHS/DVD player.

Day 1 was move-in day.  On day 2 we walked around camp.  We checked out our favorite spot by the pond and we took a walk down to the water front. The walk there wasn’t bad at all but on the walk back some of the hills are pretty steep for little legs (mine included)! The kids all got good and tired before lunch time and their naps. The excitement of being at camp made it hard to get the kids to take their naps. Every day since though they have been really tired at nap time and bed time, which is wonderful for Mommy and Daddy!

This week only the staff is here but we’ve started our routine of eating lunch and dinner at the dining hall.  We or I should say, “I” pride myself on being too lazy to get 4 kids dressed and ready to go down to main camp for breakfast in the mornings!

Today I started making the rounds and taking photographs of all the campsites and facilities and getting some nature shots before the Boy Scouts come to camp!

Miss Isabel is 9 months old today.

As I was looking at photos I started tearing up at this photo of Andy. He looks so ready to start school and soon after camp he will start Kindergarten!

I really do think that sticks, rocks, and leaves make the best toys!

Miss Eliana not in a stroller this year!

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