Super Mommy to the Rescue

Andy: You still didn’t get me something else to drink.

Me: Give your mom a break.  I am only one person and I don’t have any super powers.

Andy: Yes, you do you’re Super Mommy.

Me: Who says I am Super Mommy?

Andy: Everyone does.

Silly me, how could I forget!

While Bumblyburg may call “Larry Boy” when they are trouble but times when there is trouble with the kiddos it is “Super Mommy” to the rescue.

When Eliana thinks the vacuum cleaner is going to suck her up.

When Joshua has taken the mattress off of his brother’s bed for the third time today.

When anyone falls and gets hurt.

When Daddy is at the cabin alone with the kids and Eliana decides to take off her diaper and go to the bathroom (#1 and #2) all over the house like a brand new puppy.  Yet another reason we don’t own a dog!

When Daddy (two days after the above incident) is at the cabin by himself with the kids and Joshua decides that “Butt Paste,” (a.k.a. diaper rash cream) should be the newest hair gel.  Does anyone recall an incident involving Vick’s Vapor Rub not even two months ago?

When the kids are hungry, or thirsty, or need a diaper change.

When there is a wasp flying around the cabin and Daddy has gone to the grocery store.

When Isabel is eating paper, or dirt, or even . . . a piece of bark off of a tree.

In all these situations and more it is “Super Mommy to the Rescue!”

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

Sometimes Super Mommy just needs to be reminded of her super powers.

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