My Teacher and Friend

Mrs. Jarvis was my teacher in the fifth and sixth grades.  More than that, Sara Jarvis was my friend.  Sara passed away recently, but I wanted to share a little bit about how much she meant to me.  This was a woman who loved to laugh and loved to make learning fun. She loved her students and they loved her.  She always made her students feel special.  I’ll never forget field trips to Spring Mill State Park, an overnight trip to Turkey Run State Park, and another overnight trip to Chicago.  You don’t hear about these kinds of overnight field trips in elementary schools any more.  As I type this I’m sitting in a cabin in the woods, and I love being outdoors partially because of those trips she took me on when she was my teacher.  I’ll never forget her Wacky Earrings on Wednesdays or the pig hat that she wore when she was on “Pig Patrol,” to check that student’s tote trays were organized.

After elementary school Mrs. Jarvis was my pen pal.  She and I sent letters (real hand-written letters with stamps and everything) back and forth keeping one another up-to-date on happenings in our life.  She would share about her students and what they were learning about, and new things that were happening at the elementary school.  She decorated and typed a letter to me when she got her first classroom computer.  We eventually would keep in touch via e-mail and Facebook.

I don’t know when I stopped calling her Mrs. Jarvis and started calling her Sara.   She came to my graduation open houses. She attended  my wedding shower. She came to my baby shower when I was pregnant with Andy.   We always exchanged Christmas cards. These are the things that you share with friends and she was a wonderful friend.

I am thankful for all the memories that I was able to share with Sara.  She was an amazing lady.  I count it a privilege to have been a student in her classroom and a blessing to have called her my friend.  I can only imagine the welcome that she received in heaven, and I am sure that I will see her again some day.

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