Another Adventure

When your evening at home begins with being greeted by a very fussy baby girl who is running a fever of 102.3 degrees you might take take that as a warning that you may be in for an interesting evening.  I should have taken said warning.  Combined with the fact that it is Thursday and James’ usual night out with the guys I should have known that I was doomed.  I gave Isabel some Ibuprofen to bring her fever down and nursed her.  She wasn’t too happy about sitting in the high chair while I made dinner but I gave her a snack and that seemed to settle her down.

Andy, Joshua and Eliana must have been really hungry because when I started to put dinner in the oven they all gathered at the kitchen table.  I got out their new books and told them that they could look at them while I was getting dinner ready.  I gave them to Andy so he could pass them out and almost immediately Eliana was throwing a fit because Andy gave Joshua the Dora the Explorer Seek and Find book and she refused to look at the Finding Nemo Seek and Find book.  I suggested that they could trade or share but those suggestions were met with protest.  I ignored the protests and eventually they were all looking at the books together.

Dinner was not too much of a battle. My only explanation is that the kids, all four of them, were hungry.  I had to remind Joshua and Eliana to eat their chicken nuggets because those two love to eat french fries!  Andy and I finished off our shrimp and french fries. Isabel ate a whole jar of sweet potatoes and went back to being her usual smiley self.

After dinner Andy and I looked at the books.  He let me find the majority of the items and corrected me when the items I found were not correct. He’d say things like “that’s not the right turtle his fins are pointed up not down.”  He is such a smarty pants some times!

Then all the older kids started getting worked up.  They were literally running,  jumping up and down, and throwing toys.  Isabel got in the line of fire and was knocked down once so in the midst of all the noise she was crying.  I started yawning. and I started checking the clock.  It was only 7 o’clock.  Usually I don’t give snacks until 8 o’clock.  I remembered that tonight was bath night.  I knew I was getting tired and that if we didn’t start our bed time routine early tempers were going to fly and mine would be the worst of them.

A few minutes after 7 I gave out fruit snacks and water with “Mio” flavoring.  Please don’t judge me.  I try really hard not to give the kids “junk food” at snack time.  Fruit snacks or at least the ones I give have 100% vitamin C and that makes them healthy.  As an added bonus I can just tear open the package and throw them at the kids.  No mess, no fuss.  As I whisked Isabel into the bathroom to give her a bath I could hear Andy saying that he only had one storm trooper.  You see fruit snacks are also good for pretending!

I could hear some kind of commotion going on because I purposely left the bathroom door open and a few minutes later Joshua ran into the bathroom to say that Eliana was playing with his water.   I told him to tell her to stop and took Isabel out of the tub and toweled her off.  The mess I found in the kitchen wasn’t too bad.  Eliana had a napkin that was soaked and she was attempting to wipe up the water.  Her pants were a little damp.  The chair was a little damp.  Thankfully “Mio” is sugar free and doesn’t stain very badly much unlike Kool-Aid.

If you keep up with my blog you know that my bath time routine is a little . . . for lack of a better word . . . wild.   I got Isabel dressed and ready for bed and put Isabel back into the high chair. I don’t remember if I told everyone to get undressed or if I just said it was bath time, but the next thing I realized was that Eliana had taken everything off except for her t-shirt but including her dirty diaper.  When I realized what she did I started barking at her, almost as if I turned into a Drill Sargent. (My Dad was a Marine so I blame him for this mode that I go into.) “Where is your diaper?”  She pointed into my bedroom and cried, In there.”  I pushed her into the bathroom and commanded her, “Stay right there and do not move,” and I folded her shirt up and pulled it over her head and threw it into the sink. I went to retrieve the diaper and thankfully didn’t find a mess there.  After putting the diaper into a plastic bag and throwing it away I put Eliana into the tub and made her stand up while I rinsed and scrubbed her and finally ran the shower over her before I actually let her sit in the tub to get her hair washed.  Eliana survived.  No harm, it was very foul, but such is the story of Super Mommy!

Usually the older three get to take their baths together, but with Eliana’s antics the boys got the tub to themselves.  After a quick scrub down they were out and dressed, but not before Isabel was unhappy again.  Eliana gave her a few toys to buy me more time to make sure Joshua and Eliana got their teeth brushed and their pajamas on.

I downloaded a few kids’ book onto my computer and I was going to read one of them to the kids for bed time, but I couldn’t find where they were saved or I deleted them, so we watched a movie.  It was Eliana’s baby dedication video.  They were so sweet saying how much of a cutie Eliana was and talking about how small Joshua and Andy were in the photos and video.  The two songs I used were “My Girl” and “Fingerprints of God.”  I’m such a sap.  I get teary thinking about how much my babies have grown.  At the end of the video Andy sings “Jesus Loves Me,” while he’s holding baby Eliana and Andy while it was playing said that he sounded so funny and laughed at himself.

My computer battery was dying so everyone was mad that they didn’t get to listen to our camp friends singing “Sunny Side of Life.”   Joshua absolutely loves that song.  I sang “O, Holy Night,” just like I have been singing every. single. night. since before last Christmas and gave I love you’s and hugs and kisses.  Eliana got up once and cried when I sent her back to her bed.  After I nursed Isabel back to sleep Eliana was still awake and had kicked her covers onto the floor so I covered her up and told her once more to go to sleep.  She didn’t make a peep so she must have been falling asleep at that point.

I got to watch a movie all my myself and uninterrupted, called Martian Child. My kids are definitely not as high maintenance as the kid in that movie and although they pretend A LOT they don’t believe they are from Mars.  I hope you have enjoyed reading about my adventure as much as I enjoy living it!  Blessings to you!


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