Random Thoughts and Updates

It has been a long while since I blogged so I thought I would share some random thoughts and update you on our family!

Luke Skywalker and a Wookie live me with.

I had to do the subtraction to figure out how old I am going to be on my birthday in a couple of weeks.  I’m going to be a year younger than I thought I was going to be!

You know that sitting a chair against the wall as a punishment is a total parenting fail when after lunch the child proceeds to face his chair against the wall and pretend that he has his own little hideaway and then gets his little sister to join him in the fun. Most of the time I love of having children who love to pretend.

Our family or I should say Andy, Eliana and I have finished off a jar of dill pickle slices in what seems to be the space of less than 2 weeks.  Yes, I eat pickles even when I’m not pregnant.

It is amazing the amount of ketchup that 3 little people can consume during any given meal.  I’m pretty sure that Joshua asked for thirds on ketchup when eating fries and chicken nuggets.

James is a picky eater. Joshua is pickier than James. Isabel has to be the pickiest.  There seem to be more foods that Isabel won’t eat than foods that she will eat.  I desperately hope that she grows out of this, but because Joshua hasn’t I am trying not to get my hopes up.  I might as well file “Short-Order Cook” under my list of long-term job descriptions.

This Friday I will be 20-weeks pregnant.  I almost wish that I had some other interesting pregnancy symptom to report. This pregnancy has been much like all the others.  It’s the same old, same old, with carpal tunnel, extra sensitive gums, extra heartburn, round ligament pains, being more tired than usual. I’m thankful that my pregnancies have been relatively easy.

James has been job hunting.  He’s still doing part-time archeology, also known as cultural resource management.  (No, he doesn’t look for dinosaurs and it’s a lot less glamorous than Indiana Jones . . . those are totally different jobs!) He’s been looking at teaching positions, but also looking at lots of other random things, some of which would totally freak our families out because they involve moving great distances away from our current home.

Looking forward to another baby has been the silver-lining of some sad and troubled times for our family.  Finances are not good.  James doesn’t have a full-time job yet.  James is still waiting to be reinstated into Boy Scouts. We recently found out that our pastor and his family, who has been an amazingly wonderful part of our family, is moving away.

Three crying kids are loud, but four crying kids are louder.

Camp is nearing an end.  I’m going to miss James doing laundry and not having to cook much.  I’m looking forward to being reunited with my dishwasher, my wireless internet, and my Apple TV.

Most of the house is sleeping  so I will end for now! Hope that you are doing well!  God bless!

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One response to “Random Thoughts and Updates

  1. Jack

    Thank you for the update and random thoughts. I know your pastor and family will miss your family very, very much.
    I’m glad to hear this pregnancy has been an easy one so far. I like pickles too even when no one is pregnant. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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