Cha-Cha Change

There have been so many changes happening in me and around me that sometimes I feel like life is a blur.  Every day is usually a blur with 4 little ones and another one the way, and so changes can make it even more chaotic.

Sending Andy to school has been a huge change.  I have to make myself get up earlier in the morning to make sure Andy gets ready and eats something before he head out of the door to catch the school bus.  Getting up is not a big change for him because he’s usually the first one awake. The big change for him has been getting him motivated to move.  I like my mornings to be “sloth-like,” with very little movement and nothing rushed.  The younger siblings are getting used to their brother not being home too.  Their saying “I miss my best brother,” and asking “When is Andy coming home?”  make me miss Andy more!

We found out we are having a baby girl, which means we have another baby girl to pick out a name for. I think that I have been browsing baby name websites and thinking about baby names constantly. Andy has told me more than once that he wants to name the baby ‘Nut,” but we have told him the name that we have chosen and he approves.  Andy really wanted a baby boy.  Eliana was pleased as punch to find out that she is getting another baby sister.  Joshua is just happy that the baby is a kid.  I picked out some yarn that is not pink to crochet our baby girl a new blanket.  I’ve been looking for a new baby book but apparently Hallmark does not come out with new baby books as frequently as I have babies.  Since pink isn’t my favorite color I am going to have to keep looking.

Isabel turned one in plenty of time for my new baby to arrive. I still can’t seem to stop calling her a “stinker baby.” Her personality has blossomed and she’s becoming more and more independent, which also means she’s been getting into more trouble!

I have been praying more.  Specifically I’ve been praying for my family, and other two families. A former classmate who’s more of an acquaintance than a friend is the brother of a woman of those injured at the Indiana State Fair stage collapse. I keep calling him my former classmate but really he is a brother in Christ, which makes him much more than an acquaintance, at least to me.  Every day  Tyler sends out an update about his sister and every day I pray for her and think about her.

A friend and co-worker who had been missing was found dead and authorities think that she took her own life. She was a mother of two, a one-year-old girl, and a son who I believe is 13-years-old.  So many people loved Kim, and I know that we are all hurting and trying to make sense of what happened. This past 10 months has been trying on my family for reasons that most of you already know.

All the above changes and life in general mandate that I keep growing and hopefully changing for the better. There are few things in life that are certain and hardly anything ever stays the same.  The one constant is that I believe that God loves everyone and wants what is best for me and for my family, so let life bring on the changes we can handle them.


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