Things That Keep Me Awake At Night

I think that almost everyone has things that keep them awake at night. My husband is an exception. He never has a problem turning his thoughts off and falls asleep minutes and sometimes just seconds after his head hits the pillow. Seems like there have been an endless amount of things on my mind lately, so I thought I would share a few.

1. I don’t want to take anything for granted, because you just never know what might happen from day-to-day.

2. I’m a fan of the TRUTH.  You know the kind of truth that is “the whole truth and nothing but the truth.” To me a half-truth is the same as a lie.

3. We are still working on middle names for this baby girl.  Her first name has been kid tested and approved. We’re just not ready to share with the world just yet.  Sometimes I just can’t stop thinking about names! A name is a really big deal. All of our kids have 2 middle names so it’s an even bigger job!

4. I wish I understood why some people do the things that they do or don’t do the things that they should do. Maybe if I knew what was going on in their minds it would make me feel be better about their actions or their lack of action.

5. I need to bake a cake for a family birthday party and I have no idea what to do. Joshua says a dragon cake one minute and a train cake. I am really excited about the party we are having for both Joshua and Isabel with our friends. I’m making an aquarium cake!

6. Two and a half rooms of my house are somewhat clean.  I seriously wish I had the money to pay someone to clean the house. I keep trying to remind myself that the kids are never going to remember if the house was messy when they grow up. Company is coming though so I feel that I must tidy up!

7. It is a sad thing to not fit into some of my maternity shirts. I miss hiking the hills at camp, because I have put on some weight and I know it’s not ALL baby! :::wink, wink:::

8. Sometimes I really wish that I could say, “I don’t care,” and really mean it. If I’m being truthful and honest (See #2) then I almost always care to some extent.

9. I have been trying to think of ways to get more photography jobs to help supplement my family’s income. I thought about passing out business cards at Andy’s school Open House. I ended up forgetting the cards. I was so busy with Andy showing me things in his class that I know if I had remembered the cards I would have forgotten to give them away.

9. I really dislike the advertising that people have been doing in regards to selling shoes. Several of my friends have been getting tagged in a post or photo about some “awesome” shoes being on sale.  I think that showing off photos of an actual client so their friends can see my work is a lot less tacky, but maybe I am wrong.

10. I really need to quit thinking about all of these things and go to bed!

I feel better now that I’ve gotten some of this out of my head and out into cyberspace! Goodnight friends!

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One response to “Things That Keep Me Awake At Night

  1. Mandy Solajes

    you can sleep now, leave the worrying to the cyberspace.. 🙂

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