100 Days

The countdown to baby number five’s due date (January 6) has reached 100 days.  100 days is not a whole lot of time.  There is so much to be done in the next 100 days.  My due date this time is not certain so maybe just maybe I’ll have one baby that comes more than one day before her due date. Actually a week early would be great for tax time!

I’m growing a baby. Nothing is really new in that department. I have the same old, same old pregnancy woes. Everything gives me heartburn. My carpal tunnel has started to get worse. I’m very thankful that I haven’t had the body aches that I had in previous pregnancies.  I think that’s mostly because of how active I was over the summer. Hiking around Boy Scout Camp is good exercise!

We do not need to go out and buy lots of new baby stuff because we have saved most of our baby stuff.   One huge thing that we need to get is a new infant car seat and stroller because I recently discovered that car seats expire after 6 years.  Andy, our oldest, turns 6 in January, and so the car seat that we used for him and for “the littles” cannot be used for our new baby girl.  I bought an outfit, a baby photo frame and my mom-in-law bought the baby book that I picked out.  The stuff part is a piece of cake.

We’re getting our house ready.  James is in the process of moving everything from his office into different parts of the house so that the boys will have a bedroom and the girls will have a bedroom. Our bedroom is going to be the new “library.”  Not sure what the count is on all our books but I would say that we definitely have a library.  Our family loves books.

We’re preparing our family for a new addition. We talk about the new baby and call her by name. We talk about her birthday being after Daddy’s birthday and after Eliana’s birthday, but before Andy’s birthday. Isabel has become much more independent these days so hopefully she’s transition well to being a big sister.  Then there is potty training . . . and that is all I’m going to say about that sore subject.

Every new addition is a blessing to our family.  James and I love our kids and we can’t imagine what we would do without them.  Most of the time it’s hard to remember what we ever did before we had kids!  I’m very blessed to have such a wonderful husband to be my partner and helper in all things. We are going to enjoy the countdown and do our best to be prepared for our next little princess.


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