A Little Decorating

Due to my current “condition” and James busy work schedule/getting over the pneumonia or whatever plaque he’s been dealing with and his newly discovered asthma the switching rooms has taken a little bit of time.  I don’t mind though, because it gives me more time to think of ideas for decorating.

Since the kids have shared one room there are two walls that have a row of laminated 8×10 photos of lots of different zoo animals.  There are also a few animal paintings that on foam. Andy who is on the top bunk has a sports themed comforter and Joshua has a camping themed comforter.  To go with the zoo photos animals my dear friend made the kids curtains that are safari-themed.  My friend also made us a matching light switch plate.  These will all be moved to the boys’ room.

Eliana recently moved to a twin size bed and so I got her purple sheets and a blanket that is purple with pink and aqua butterflies and flowers.  I searched and searched for curtains and even thought about making my own set for the girls, but finally I ended up buying the curtains that match Eliana’s blanket.  I still had to do some hand-sewing to shorten them a lot. (I actually almost cut them in half!)  I bought four 11×14 canvases to paint with different animals that are the girls’ favorites. Eliana has said that she wants a turtle and a bunny rabbit. I’m still debating about which animals to paint for Isabel, but I’m thinking about a bird and a fish.  I made the first painting today.

This was the photo I found online to use as my inspiration:

This is the final painting:

Eliana said she wanted a pink turtle. Pink is her favorite color, but it’s not really my favorite color so I added pink flowers and hearts to the turtle’s shell.  She loves it!



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