Fun Times and a Name Reveal

James left for work the other day and five minutes later Joshua handed me a nail that was as long as the palm of my hand!  I have no idea where he got it or what it belongs to!  A few minutes after that  I discovered that the back of Eliana’s pants were soaked from her diaper leaking.

There were three baskets of clean laundry needed to be put away. Two were folded and one was not. Isabel decided to be a big helper and roll one of the baskets around and take clothes out of the basket. Of course she chose a basket of already folded laundry!

The “middles” have been eating second breakfast almost every day (just like good little Hobbits). They want to eat with their big brother before he is off to school, but they are hungry again 3 hours later and 10 a.m. is really too early to give them lunch.

The little one has a new habit of napping during meals so I end up sitting at the table with her for another meal well after her siblings and I have finished eating. I’m torn between enjoying a meal without feeding her and disliking having to sit at the table for extra time.

I spent all of my $100 Amazon gift card from Huggies. I ordered a set of plush Angry Birds that make noise! Each kid picked a color and Isabel ended up carrying around 2. They love the Angry Birds! I also ordered some “bongo buckets,” for toy storage and a big alligator “bongo bucket” for laundry. As soon as the alligator to the kids wanted put dirt they clothes in the bucket and pretended that he said “Thank you for lunch!”  The other two purchases that I made were stitch witchery and a box of diapers. I figured that we should use free money for fun and for things we need!

I woke up at 3 a.m. to find Joshua starring at me with his head on my pillow while he stood next to my bed. He informed me that he went potty in his pants. Not only did he startle me but I was not happy and he kept saying, “Sorry Mommy.”  Almost as soon as I got back into bed Isabel started crying. It was almost 5 before I got back to sleep again. When my alarm went off at 7 I was in the middle of dreaming. It is always exhausting to me to be awakened from a dream! To put it into perspective very soon I’ll have a newborn waking me up to nurse every couple of hours, so I’m not going to complain too much.

We have Eliana and Isabel. The new baby’s name is Danielle. You might notice that we like using “el” names. I can’t believe there are only 78 days until Danielle’s birthday! The time goes by so quickly and I’m going to try to enjoy each and every day while preparing for her arrival.

Joshua loves to make up songs and he sang one for me this morning. The only words were, Go Mommy! Go Mommy! Go Mommy Go! Go Mommy Go!” What did I do to deserve such cheers?  I helped him button his pants. It’s nice to feel loved and appreciated.

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