Prep Time

I felt the weight of the countdown to baby Danielle’s due date when checking out of the doctor’s office.  Looking down at my checkout sheet I saw that my next appointment needed to be scheduled in two weeks! More frequent visits to the doctor mean that Danielle is coming sooner rather than later!

I think part of the reason that I am feeling like the time is passing so quickly is that I didn’t really start going to see the doctor until August! We were busy with camp. This is my 5th child. Who needed a doctor during those first few months?  Not this Mommy.  I know that I am blessed to have minimal pregnancy woes and complications. Do you honestly think that I would do this over and over if I felt terrible the whole entire time?  Not a chance!  I actually feel better during this pregnancy because of all the exercise I got while at camp.

I have been stressing about my due date not being certain, because after my 20+ week ultrasound the doctors changed my due date to 3 weeks later.  I asked the doctor how accurate the baby’s measurements would have been for that ultrasound and he said the margin of error is usually plus or minus 10 days. That, my friend, puts this baby coming between December 27 and January 16!  The early date is only 2 months away.

Christmas is coming! Baby Danielle is coming! Time flies when you are having fun and when you are taking care of four little people every single day! It’s definitely prep time!

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