Preparations Continue

We’re getting ready for Christmas and we’re getting ready for another baby. I hung up the Advent calendar for the second year in a row. More than just treats our Advent calendar has activities for each day that include things that will help us remember what Christmas is all about . . . Christ. There are days that we watch Christmas movies, days that we will make goodies for others, and days that we read stories. There is even a day where we will camp by the Christmas tree! They are all things that the kids will look forward to but more than that they will help our family keep the focus of Christmas on Jesus.

Because only a few short days after Christmas we will have a precious baby girl joining our family we are getting ready for baby Danielle to come. I want so much to know what date that my baby girl will make her entrance into the world. Not having a very firm due date has made me even more anxious about being prepared for the fact that Danielle is going to come when she’s good and ready. My due date was moved back three weeks at my 20+ week ultrasound and my  ultrasound a few weeks ago showed her right on target, but these later ultrasounds have a margin of error +/- 3 weeks!  It’s safe to say the date is UNKNOWN!

I want to make sure that James is not working out of town and I want to make sure that someone can come and stay with the older kids while I’m in the hospital. I want to have the bassinet set up. I want to have my bag packed and ready to go. I want to have my camera battery charged and my camera card cleared. In short, I want to prepared!

It seems like my list of things that are ready is short, but having some things ready is better than not having anything ready. Because Danielle is our 5th baby we have almost all that we need! All the teeny tiny newborn cloths are washed and folded, and put away. The two big things that we did have to buy are ready and assembled! We had to get rid of our old car seat and our stroller has seen better days. After 4 kids over a span of six years the carseat was EXPIRED!

God knew when Jesus would be born and He knows when my baby girl will be born as well.  Until that date we’ll continue with our preparations!

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