Adjusting to Number Five

The past 13 days have been a blur.  The adjustment from four kids to five has been a crazy, adventure-filled and some times tear-filled time.  If you have read my blog before you know that we thrive on our daily routine.  Danielle is still adjusting to our routine, but I am happy to report that I think we’re all getting the hang of it.

There are several times a day when Danielle is nursing and one of the other kids requires my attention.  Like last week when Joshua waited until the last possible minute to go to the bathroom and he soaked the floor of the bathroom.  I honestly don’t think he got one drop of potty into the toilet!  I let Danielle exercise her lungs for the clean up.

Isabel is still getting used to not being the baby.  Thankfully she is a Daddy’s girl and will go to James when she wants to snuggle and I am busy with Danielle.  When Daddy is unavailable is when we tend to have waterworks.  Isabel seems to always wait until I am feeding Danielle to “ask” to have something  in sippy cup.  Her “asking” actually involves her shoving her empty cup at me and my putting it on the end table and telling her she has to wait until Danielle is done drinking Mommy’s milk.  We go through this several times in a row until Danielle is done nursing or she gets tired of waiting.  Isabel loves patting Danielle and giving her kisses and I’m thankful that she’s not acting out by trying to be mean to Danielle, because I have heard of kids being extremely jealous of a baby.

I have a theory about babies and meal time:  Babies always wants to eat when everyone else eats!  I must say that I’ve grown pretty confident about my ability to nurse and eat at the same time.  I can actually help Isabel eat while feeding Danielle and eating my own meal.

Andy, Joshua and Eliana have all done really well at adjusting to Danielle.  They are super sweet with her.  They try to sing to her when she is crying.  If she is in her bed and starts crying there are always one or two kids coming to me to tell me, “Your baby is awake!”  Joshua is still telling people Danielle came out of my belly.  Eliana still asks me some times if Danielle is still in my belly.  I can’t figure out what she is thinking on that topic. Maybe she thinks babies can go in and out, I don’t know.  Eliana says that Danielle is “cute but teeny, tiny.” Andy says, “Danielle is so cute! I just loves her.”

Thanks for checking in on us! 🙂 We appreciate your continued prayers as we all continue adjusting!


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2 responses to “Adjusting to Number Five

  1. Shelby

    We need to write a book. I bet it would be a great seller!! Love your blogs. Keep them up.

  2. She’s a perfect little bundle! Congratulations!

    I saw your post on babycenter about knowing several people’s whose children have eczema. My son had severe eczema, but we determined food was triggering most of it, so he’s much better now.

    I’d like to invite you to my blog where I share my family’s battles with eczema, allergies, and asthma. I’m looking for guest bloggers to share their experiences with eczema as well. Please let me know if anyone you know is interested.

    Also, if scratching is a problem, your friends could try ScratchMeNot, Kumfy Cotton and some other companies that all make great clothing to prevent them from hurting themselves. Scratching was a big problem for us.


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