My Day: Part 1

Having five kids has been an adventure, and I want to remember the ins and outs of my days.  I decided yesterday to blog about my day today.  I didn’t tell anyone yesterday because I wasn’t sure that I would actually be motivated to make time to write anything down. Here’s part one of my day!

5 a.m. Wake up to baby Danielle crying. Stumble through the room and find a diaper and a baby wipe. Move to living room. Start to unzip baby’s pajamas to find that her whole shoulder is soaking wet. She must have spit up on herself some time earlier. I go back into bedroom and feel around in the dark for another pajama outfit and baby starts crying again.  No one wakes up or even stirs when she cries.  She keeps crying while I take her back to the living room and while I am changing her outfit and her diaper.  I nurse her.

It’s 5:34 and Danielle seems to be asleep.  She doing that thing where she opens and closes her eyelids like she is dreaming. I love watching this girl sleep because she always ends up sharing her sweet smiles.  I wonder what she’s dreaming about. I check facebook and browse the Target advertisement online because I like to try to wait 15 minutes before laying Danielle down so she won’t spit up.

5:51 Joshua walks into the living room.  I tell him it’s too early to wake up. I tell him to go back to bed. He tells me two or three that he doesn’t want to go back to bed, but he goes. I take Danielle back to bed and get back into my bed.

6:00 I’ve been lying awake in bed and James’ alarm goes off. I am awake for an extra 10 minutes before I fall back asleep.

7:00 My alarm goes off.  When I go into the living room I find James having breakfast. Andy is getting dressed from school and Joshua is playing.  I have Andy get out the cereal and I get out bowls, spoons, cups, and milk.  I pour milk into the boys’ cups. I forgot and put the milk away before I put milk into Joshua’s bowl.  Joshua complains when I pour milk from his cup into his bowl because he wants more milk in his cup. I tell him that if he drinks all the milk in his cup I’ll give him more milk.

7:18 Eliana wakes up and joins us for breakfast.  I pour her cereal and milk and give her   a cup of milk.  She wants a cup for a girl, but she is okay when I tell her that all the girl cups are dirty. Andy has half of a bagel with cream cheese and a handful of trail mix before going to find his shoes and brush his teeth.  We all finish with breakfast.

7:28 Eliana and Joshua are playing. Eliana comes in to tell me that Isabel is awake.  When I go back to the girls’ room all is quiet, but I hear a little voice say “Mama, Mama” I check on Danielle who seems to be stirring but she is still asleep. I strap Isabel into her booster seat and give her cereal and milk in a cup.  I take Andy back to the bathroom to wet his hair with water and brush it.

7:35 I tell Andy it’s time to get his coat and backpack on.  It takes him all of 5 minutes to do this.  He tells everyone bye and we wait by the front door for the school bus to come around 7:45. Isabel says “Up! Up!” when she sees me, but when I check her bowl and ask her is she is done she shakes her head “No.”  A few minutes later James lets her up because she is still saying “Up! Up!”

8:18 Danielle is awake and wants to nurse. While I’m nursing, Isabel climbs up on the end table to look out the window. She gets down when I tell her to.  Joshua says he is thirsty and I tell him he has to wait.  Eliana can’t find her baby turtle and asks me to help her find it. I tell her she has to wait.  Isabel takes all of Andy’s birthday cards off the counter and puts them on the floor.  I ask Joshua to help me pick them up.  Danielle falls asleep nursing so I put her down so that I can change Isabel’s diaper.  While I am changing Isabel, Danielle wakes up and wants to nurse again. Joshua is playing with cars and gets mad when Isabel is trying to take his cars. Isabel proceeds to follow Joshua around trying to take his cars. I asked Joshua to give Isabel a car and then she is satisfied with helping Joshua put the cars in a bucket.  Isabel wants a drink.  She proceeds to try to give me her sippy cup. (How does my spell check not know the word “sippy?”) I tell her that I know she wants a drink but that Danielle is drinking Mommy’s milk and she has to wait. Danielle falls asleep again. Isabel finds a 2nd cup and cries while trying to give it to me. When I won’t take it he puts her cup on Danielle and wakes her up. Danielle then spits up on her pajamas. Back to the bedroom to change into another sleeper outfit and change her diaper. This time I remember to grab a bib. Isabel follows with white chocolate pretzels and I tell her to put them back. As soon as we walk back into the living room Danielle spits up all over her bib. I get her a new bib and put her in the baby swing.

9:10 As soon as the others see that I am free they are asking me to get them a drink, or something to eat. I give them drinks and a snack.

9:17  Danielle cries and wants to nurse again.

9:29 Danielle fell asleep again.

10:18 Since Danielle has been asleep I got the dishwasher loaded and I started the washer. Isabel, Eliana, Joshua are watching t.v. and playing.

10:30 Danielle woke up, and I decided that I really wanted to take a shower. I put Isabel in the playpen and Danielle in her bassinet.  I left both doors to the bathroom open so I can hear everyone. Eliana and Joshua are concentrating on the t.v.  While I’m in the shower Joshua comes in to ask if I can button his pants. I tell him that he has to wait until I get out of the shower.  When I get out of the shower I find the chocolate covered pretzel container by Danielle’s bed. Isabel has thrown everything out of the playpen and onto the floor. Danielle is yelling intermittently but not really crying. I talk to her and then she starts crying. I think that hearing that to Danielle my voice must be like hearing the ice cream truck music.  My milk is just that good and I don’t know if I should be flattered!

11 I’m nursing Danielle again.  Everyone wants a piece of Hawaiian bread.  I have Eliana give me the package so that I can get a roll out for her and she sits at the table with it.  I keep the package and give Isabel pieces of a roll because she will walk around and get bread all over the house.  Joshua wants a piece of bread too so I give him a roll and  he sits at the table with it.  A few minutes pass and Isabel has a whole roll and is walking around spreading bread crumbs all over.  I’m not sure who left their half eaten roll on the table but “Stinker-bella” found it!

11:30 My mom comes over.  She plays with the kids. She folds two baskets laundry. She holds Danielle while the older three kids and I have lunch. She brings a little bright red carry-on suitcase for me to use as a photo prop!  I actually think Danielle might be too big to fit in it! We shall see!

12:10 I make Joshua a peanut butter banana and jelly sandwich.  Eliana asks for ham and carrots. I give Isabel ham and cheese, because lately she won’t eat sandwich bread until it is Hawaiian bread of a bun of some sort. Eliana barely touches the ham and eats a few bites of carrots.  Joshua scarfs down his sandwich and then asks for more to drink.  Isabel eats of of her ham and cheese. I am able to eat my sandwich without nursing Danielle at the same time.  (I do have to say that I’m pretty good at eating and nursing at the same time!)

12:30 Naptime! Usually Isabel has taken an early nap but she doesn’t today. I nurse Danielle again. I send Eliana and Joshua to bed and my Mom takes Isabel to her bed. I realize that Danielle’s a little bit gassy so I change her diaper and she does some tummy time and my Mom holds her on her lap and pats her back! I show Mom photos on my computer that I have taken in the past week. Mom changes Danielle’s diaper again.  Danielle falls asleep and I put her in the playpen.

1:10 Success! All four kids are all taking a nap at the same time.   The house is so quiet that I can hear my fingers hitting the keys on my keyboard when I type!

1:30 Danielle is awake and moving around in the playpen.

1:40 Danielle starts crying so I change her diaper and nurse her again!

2:08 Danielle is awake and I’m holding her and typing at the same time!


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2 responses to “My Day: Part 1

  1. Shelby

    I am tired after reading this! Need a nap and a piece of Hawaiian bread :o)

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