Mommy Brain is Real

Throughout my years as a Mommy I have researched the whole “Mommy Brain” phenomena and I am absolutely convinced that it is real because I have experienced it first-hand.  Here are a few examples for you.

In my mind I really did think about telling James to put the stroller in the back of the van. I just didn’t do it. We got within 2 minutes of the mall when I realized my mistake and I was less than thrilled about the idea of carrying the baby around in her car seat. We ended up going to two other stores instead of the mall.

James had a hole in one of his socks, but instead of telling him so I told him, “You have a sock in your hole.”

My phone rang the other day and I tried to flip my phone open. I haven’t had a flip phone in years.

More than once, (I’m too embarrassed to say how many times) I have put the jelly away in the cabinet instead of the refrigerator and the next day I had to convince very disappointed children to eat something else instead of, “Peanut Butter Jelly Time.”

I went to the grocery store and got all the way to the checkout before I realized that I did not have my wallet. Thankfully the store is only a few minutes away and they held my groceries for me while I went home to get my wallet.

Sometimes my mom comes over to stay with my kids so I can go to the grocery store. I pick up a few things for her while I’m out and I almost always manage to forget one thing. This wouldn’t be so bad except for the fact that she gives me a list EVERY single time!

I called the doctor to make an appointment. After asking my daughter’s name the receptionist asked for her birth date. I said it was 12/21/2012. I was really embarrassed when the receptionist asked if could it be 2011. I tried to blame it on the time of day.

Heating a cup of milk in the microwave:
Step 1. Get a cup out of the cabinet.
Step 2. Pour milk into the cup.
Step 3. Press the 30 second quick-start button 3 times.
Step 4. Walk away.
When I came back into the kitchen my cup of cold milk was sitting on the stove top because I completely forgot to put my cup into the microwave.

On my birthday last year someone asked me how old I am and I had to do the math!

I sent one of my helpers to the bathroom to get the baby wipes box. He came back and said that he couldn’t find the wipes. They were right at my feet and my foot was touching the box!

Maybe it is because of sleep-deprivation. Maybe it’s hormonal imbalance. Maybe it is evidence that I try to do too many things at one time! Maybe it’s all the kids that I have! I know that I am not getting any younger and I hate to think about the things that I will end up doing or not doing because I can’t think straight. Whatever combination of causes there are for, “Mommy brain” I know I have it. I am trying to deal with it by laughing at myself. If I don’t laugh I might cry and sometimes I do cry.

Do you or someone you know suffer from “Mommy Brain?”



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2 responses to “Mommy Brain is Real

  1. I totally do! Last night I said something to my husband about it being 2010. Good grief!

  2. Angie

    I can remember one day in particular when I was hurrying from one thing to another, trying to get everything done, and I’d lost some laundry somehow. Well, on the way out to the trash, I looked down and found that I’d thrown it away, lol. Yep, I guess I really do hate laundry that much!

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