A Picnic Supper

It was a beautiful day outside, so I decided to surprise the kids with a picnic supper.  I let them watch some t.v. while I made quesadillas. The trick to a picnic supper is to eat something that is not too messy.  I snuck out the back door and put my hubby’s old Batman blanket in the grass. When everything was ready I had everyone get their socks and shoes on.  They all began asking over and over where we were going.  Andy protested that he didn’t want to go anywhere saying that he wanted to stay home. We got out the front door and they started to go out of the gate. They gave me the funniest looks when I told them to stop! Andy started complaining as soon as I told them to go to the back yard, but he quickly changed his tune when he saw the blanket and I said the word “picnic!” Our quesadillas were wrapped in foil. Our salsa and sour cream were in Tupperware containers. I had a bag of Golden Oreos. Everyone had their own cup with a lid. I put individual servings of ice cream in Tupperware containers in a bucket of ice but the ice cream melted before we had a chance to eat it. I couldn’t get Isabel to sit down for very long so she ate after we went back inside. I think Danielle enjoyed her first picnic!


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