You’re Fired!

The first thing I heard was Eliana telling Joshua to sit on her.  I wondered if I should be worried or not, but upon further investigation I gathered that Eliana was pretending to be an egg and that Joshua needed to sit on her for her to hatch. Eliana crouched down on the floor, Joshua would sit on her back for a second, and then Eliana would stand up with her arms raised in the air and yell, “I hatched!” and Joshua gave a congratulatory “You hatched! You hatched!” They went through this egg hatching process more than once.  I’m sure that birds might prefer this method of incubating their eggs over waiting weeks for their babies to hatch!

Isabel used a pair of toy tweezers to work on James.  She would just touch  his finger or his toes, but over and over James yelled “Ouch!” and she giggled and squealed in delight.

Isabel put a bracelet in a lunch tote that we use just for playing and she pretended to leave. She went around the living room and gave everyone a pat on the head or a pat on the arm and said, “Bye, bye,” with a wave and a smile.  She walked into the kitchen and then come back and repeat the process over again.

I went to close one of the kitchen drawer and accidentally pitched two of Isabel’s finger. (That girl is always under foot!) Eliana proceeded to tell me “You’re fired!” Just to make sure I understood she explained, “Fired means you don’t work here any more.”  She might think she is the boss but I am glad that she is not my boss.

These are just a few examples of yesterday’s entertainment.


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One response to “You’re Fired!

  1. happinessvirus

    Love how their imaginations are working! This is what makes life so interesting with little ones….. and I do hope you got your “job” back 🙂

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