The Things You Learn

Toads are frogs.  All crystal is glass, but not all glass is crystal. The glowing goo in glow sticks is non-toxic. Eureka! You can learn something new every day!  Fact one I learned from a book I read the kids tonight. Fact two was a random thing that my husband looked up. Fact three was something I shared with my husband.  Tonight’s bath was given in the dark with glow sticks. (Yes,  super moms and dads let their kids do this and the kids LOVE it! I dare you to try it!)  After bath time it looked like our oldest daughter had smashed poor Louie the Lightening Bug on her pajama shirt and Daddy was concerned. Please don’t tell me that I’m the only one who ever smashed a lightning bug and spread its glowing guts on the sidewalk. I’m not sure about the guts but I know that the glow sticks are non-toxic!

I wonder what God thinks about little kids pretending to be Jesus crucified. I think the Easter story really stuck with my 3-year-old this year. We used the “Resurrection Eggs” every night for less than two weeks and she still tells me the Easter story. I’m so glad that she is hiding these stories in her heart.

My oldest girl was proudly nursing her baby doll the other day. I must be doing a good job of being discreet because her brother said that the milk was from her belly. Close but not quite! I am a little bit surprised this hasn’t happened before.

My son said, “Well, you don’t have to be so rude!” When I said that I couldn’t stand someone. Parenting fail. . . James and I both laughed out loud. What made even better was when he scolded James for laughing.

The kids break out their costumes and it is not rare to have a penguin or a chicken running around. The chicken was rather upset when Daddy said that if it didn’t lay an egg it was going to be cooked for dinner. It started “laying” all kinds of random things, including a tomato and a dinosaur. I wish it would lay golden eggs! That would be a special chicken! Robin Hood, who VERY often is confused with Batman’s sidekick, and even Superman made appearances. I called into question Superman’s hero status due to the number of times I had to help him tie on his cape!



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