We’re Going Crazy

How about a purple sweatshirt and a romper worn around the waist instead of pants? I am pretty sure this is not going to catch on as a new fashion any time soon, but when you are one and figuring out how to dress yourself anything goes! I didn’t notice Eliana in the background chewing on a baby toy until I was editing these photos to share. Why do kids always chew on things?

Later Isabel put on her big brother’s shoes. I have to confess that the reason she is wearing green sweatpants with a pink t-shirt is because she took off the tan capris that she was wearing and I could not find them any where! She’s one and from the previous photo you can tell how much she worries about what she is wearing.

Danielle found her feet this past week!

Before bedtime I wanted to take a photo of everyone in their pajamas. It looks like Eliana is texting instead of looking at me. It is a toy cell phone.  Just in case you were wondering, Eliana is wearing Transformers pajamas. Joshua outgrew them and she loves them! We only let them watch the cartoons. She does have 2 older brothers after all.  I told them to say, “pickles” but instead they were yelling, “PICKLES!”

I forgot to bring my camera remote to the bedroom with me, but I wanted to get a photo of me with all the kids. This is the first photo that we took with my camera on a timer and it ended up being the best one.

At least four times a day Eliana asks, “Where we are going?”  The past couple times she has asked her Daddy replied, “Crazy. Want to come?” This morning after she got dressed she kept asking very seriously if it was time to go to Crazy and saying that she wanted to go to Crazy now.  Our life is definitely crazy good!


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