Random Ramblings

What is wrong with people? These days I seem to have a running list of people who drive me absolutely crazy. I have decided that instead of trying to figure out what is wrong with people that I really just need to pray for them. They need to be loved the same as everyone else needs to be loved. That whole “love your neighbor” commandment, that is pretty hard when it comes to people who are hard to love. God loves everyone. You reading this sentence right now, God loves Y-O-U.

I love that school is out for the summer. We trying to get into a grove of getting out and about, but we have had a set back of sickness yet again. I keep joking that James has the plague, but he has been sick for more than a month. For now it seems he just has a cold. Every single one of the kids has gotten the cold as well, but everyone is on the mend.  I feel a little congested and a little more tired, but I will not give in to being sick. Mom’s never have time to be sick.

I finally added photos to my digital photo frame. It has been 2 years. I was shocked at myself. It is totally unlike me to neglect photos. I recently updated photo frames for two family members but I had not touched my own frame. It was lots of fun to sit with Isabel and look through the photos.  She thinks very baby photo is Danielle and that every photo of Eliana when she was younger is a photo of herself. The funny thing is that most of the time she recognizes the photos of her big brothers even the ones from when they were younger.

I’m taking on a few more jobs these days. Vacation Bible School at my church is this week and I’m teaching the Bible Story class. I’ve also gone back to teaching in Kids Church. It used to be that I didn’t have any of my own kids when I taught. That is definitely not the case any more.

Life is good. Thanks for reading my random ramblings.


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