A Prayer List

Seems like my prayer list is pretty long these days.  I went to bed once but couldn’t get my thoughts to turn off and then the baby started crying again, so I’m nursing the baby and blogging.

God needs to be made priority # 1.  Nothing else matters more.

Teaching my kids that God is priority # 1 is my # 1 job. If I am not living this out every day I am failing.

Two basic rules: Love God. Love Others.  Following these two rules take care of so many issues.

If every single thing someone talks about is about themselves, they might be selfish.

The more love you give the more you get.  If you don’t SHOW any love, you cannot expect for people to show you love.

There are some things that should never be said via text message!

Clicking on the “like” button on people’s photos or Facebook status doesn’t show anyone that you actually care. Just Clicking the “like” button doesn’t count as communication.  Calling a person and actually talking to them face-to-face is so much better. You know if someone who actually clicks “like” cares.

When you hurt someone you can’t just take it back.  If you are expecting to mend relationships it is going to require WORK and lots of it.

Anger is an ugly thing.  Keeping anger in check is always wise.

I have a friend you is pregnant and she has had “all the time sickness” for weeks and weeks. Babies are parasites sometimes. If I was ever that sick I would never have had 5 kids.

What are you praying about?


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4 responses to “A Prayer List

  1. Non Ames

    I am praying for a lot of things these days. Concerning your words: Some things can only be said via text when someone is actively avoiding you. Sometimes anger is justifiable. “Be ye angry and sin not” because God knows we all get angry. Sometimes when you are hurting, the only support you CAN show is pressing the like button because you know all your words may sound angry, trite, or insincere… Please be careful not to judge. God loves others every bit as much as he loves you, and he can see their point of view, and how right or wrong it may be, even when you can’t.

    • I guess I meant to say Anger can be ugly especially when it is unchecked. There is someone who always clicks “like” on my Facebook status and I guess more than anything I want them to “care” enough to do more than click “like.” Their actions in addition to clicking “like” are nil and that is what I am judging. It is so true that God sees their point of view and loves them! I only wish that they would realize it before it is too late.

  2. happinessvirus

    I love this post. Perfect timing for me too x

  3. happinessvirus

    Reblogged this on Happinessvirus's Blog and commented:
    Thought provoking blog on some very basic things that, in the end, are all we need…

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