They Make Me Smile

Some days they make my eye twitch but my kids make me laugh and smile. This post is a collection of some things the kids said and did in the past two weeks.

I was sitting on the couch nursing the baby and I did not think much of Eliana sitting next to me until I saw that she had her shirt lifted and one of her stuffed animal sheep cuddled close to her chest. If you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up she will tell you (at least for now) she wants to be a Mommy.

Eliana, “You can tell all my friends to get me ponies. And bears. And bunnies.  And polar bears.” The girl is totally in love with stuffed animals of all kinds. She wants to make sure people get her these for her next birthday coming in . . .  December.

“If you can’t find it you have to pay me two dollars.”  I knocked his knight off the desk and couldn’t find it. How in the world he thinks that I have to pay cash for losing his things is beyond me.  He didn’t like the idea that he had to pay me when I found his knight.

Me: “What do you want for dinner?” Joshua: “Oatmeal” Me: “What?”Joshua: “How about chicken patties?” I must have made a weird face because then he said, “What? We have chicken patties at camp!”

“I know what I can have! Ice Cream!” This normally would not be out of the ordinary, but it was 7:30 in the morning and Joshua had already had some cereal and fruit.

Andy – “Can you tell your sister to buy me and Angry Pig with a helmet and a toucan Angry Bird? If she does I will be so proud of you.”

We have been watching episodes of The Deadliest Catch on Netflix with the kids so now they pretend that they are on the different crab boats, talk about catching king crab, and Joshua has requested a crab birthday cake.

“Mommy’s being bad!” or “Daddy’s being bad!” or “Andy’s being bad!” or “Joshua’s being bad!” “Ana’s being bad!”(Ana is Isabel’s name for Eliana) even “Danielle’s being bad!”  If anyone does anything “wrong”  Isabel says they are being bad.

We were playing out in the yard and waiting for it to rain and Andy said, “I wanted it to rain.” Joshua replied, “Maybe you should pray. Maybe you should ask God.”

“God heals everybody.” ~ Joshua while we were talking about Isabel not needing to have any stitches in her lip.

“Daddy fed Danielle all by himself!” ~ Eliana

Andy- “I want to be a paleontologist and then singing, I’m going to dig up dinosaur bones.”

Joshua- “I want to be a wildlife biologist. Maybe Roxi can be a robotic engineer and Eliana can be an astronaut.”

Joshua- “Thanks for sharing with me Mommy. You’re the best Mommy ever.  I love you every day just like Jesus!

“Thanks Mommy. It’s great to have a mother like you.” and “Thanks Mommy. You’re the BEST.” Joshua doesn’t know yet what it means to suck up.

“Can I take my bushy tail?” :::Eliana pats her behind and shakes it:::  It’s a toy!

“Is ridiculous a bad word?” -Eliana

“What does marvelous mean?” -Eliana

“You’re breaking my heart. You’re breaking my heart into a hundred million pieces.” Andy after I scolded him for ripping the top of the cereal box when he tried to open it.

“It tastes like feet.” or “It tastes like decay.” Joshua’s new observations when he is trying to get out of eating or drinking something.

“Are you full-grown?” :::Andy hugged me and then stood next to me to measure himself.::: He smiled when he realized that he almost comes up to my neck and said, “I am big.”  He has no idea how big he is. My little boy is growing up.


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One response to “They Make Me Smile

  1. Angie Wright

    “Daddy fed Danielle all by himself!”
    “Is ridiculous a bad word?”
    made me lol. And I can only imagine how cute it was to hear these in her sweet little “chipmunk” voice! 😀

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