My Birthday

I don’t remember how many times my kids said, “Happy Birthday Mommy!” My birthday was a good day, not because it was a perfect day, but because it was my day. I woke up to smiles, hugs, and kisses! My sister came over and brought two of my nephews and a birthday cake. My wonderful husband went to the grocery store and he made lunch and dinner.  I took some photos and I even let the kids take turns taking a few photos, so that I could remember my birthday.  (Andy was so proud that his other sister was also in our photo, too bad it was only the back of her head!) We watched the movie Ratatouille. One of my nephews made me a rocket! In my 33 years I can’t say that I’ve ever gotten a rocket for my birthday, let alone a rocket that says Aunt Michelle on it!

I took the kids outside and it was a little bit of a fiasco because no one wanted to get together for a photo of everyone together a the baby cried every time I tried to put her down, and then one kid was dragging his sister by the arm through the grass.  One kid didn’t want to go inside so I suggested she hold her brother’s hand. It was super sweet because that made her come running, because she loves holding her big brother’s hand! One kid is the most happy-go-lucky soul that I know. All the world can be chaos and he can sit back and relax. He gets that from his Dad!

Some parts of my birthday were not much fun. There was another blue streamer incident. (I promise I do not feed my child Smurfs!) We had our daily arguments about cleaning up toys. We had a talk about why we don’t say, “We need to get rid of her,” when we talk about our sibling. I figured out the hard way that there are more than a few things that I should not say out loud to my children because they will repeat what I say.  I still had to take out the trash, vacuum the living room, and do some laundry. Even when it wasn’t fun I was still able to find joy in the day!  In looking through photos from my birthday I found a few other photos that I have been meaning to post. I hope you can find something to enjoy and to be thankful for each and every day . . . especially on your birthday. 

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2 responses to “My Birthday

  1. Angie Wright

    Aw, your post made me smile… And I really needed it just now. Thanks, Michelle, for sharing these precious moments. I love that little blue mouth, lol!! I need to remember to be joyful even when my day (or week, or in this instance, AUGUST) hasn’t been all that much fun.

    I love you and your beautiful family!!!

  2. happinessvirus

    These birthdays are still special…. the ones with chores and chocolate covered kisses mean more, in the end, than those spent in a grand hotel x

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