Hi. I’m Still Here.

I am still here. I wish that I could say that I have been off doing amazing things. There have been several amazing things that have happened. The “not fun at all things” are the things that seem to keep me away from this space. These days the baby doesn’t want to be put into her crib to sleep and she definitely doesn’t want to stay asleep in her crib.  I end up staying awake much too late to get some “me” time.  I  pleurisy for a few days and since it came after Thanksgiving festivities resulted in a major laundry pile up. When I say major I mean, I am wearing my moose socks today because I don’t have any other clean pair to wear.  The baby has a skin rash and I think that it might be part of our sleep problem, but she can’t tell me what is wrong and that makes matters worse. My macbook has died, and I’m not sure if it’s mostly dead or all dead, it has yet to be determined, but I can tell you that I am not a fan of the PC. Not a Fan!


God is still good. He’s still taking care of me and mine. I just wanted to let you know that I’m still here. I decided that I am going to publish something tonight even if it is just to say. Hi. I’m still here.

Blessings and thanks for checking in with me!


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  1. happinessvirus

    Oh my – hope you soon get back to full strength and in the meantime, just go easy on yourself, and the time for writing will come again. xx

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