Tears for Sandy Hook’s Lost Ones

I had a short conversation with my 6 year old this morning about what happened at Sandy Hook this past Friday. A bad guy took a gun to school and shot people. When I told him that 20 kids were with Jesus now he said that is almost the same number of kids in my class.  I resisted the urge to start crying.  I had a really odd dream about the Sandy Hook kids last night, and I can’t remember much of it  except for the fact that there were lights for each of the kids.

Tonight at dinner we started lighting our Advent candles and I love this quote that I read tonight from Rachel Held Evans.

May their flames be a reminder to all of us that we don’t have to know why God let this happen to know that God was there….

and here,

and in those swaddling clothes,

and on that cross,

and in that grave,

and on the throne.

For no amount of darkness can overcome the light.

It reminded me of what I shared last night at my church candlelight service.  We must all continue to let the lights within us shine in the dark places.  I’ll keep sending prayers and light up to heaven for those who lost their dear ones and I hope that you will too.



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    A beautiful post, and a great reminder to be lights in darkness…

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