My Favorite Little People

“The baby thinks you are a climbing rock.”  ~ J

Oh yes, she certainly does.  I think I am going to have to get one of those play sets with a built-in climbing wall for the girl who thinks that every thing is for climbing. Thank the Lord she has not figured out that she can get out of the crib . . . yet.

Today I had a power struggle that I had with “J.”  I declared at snack time that everyone who was still hungry could have applesauce or a banana.  He had to have a talk with Daddy and be sent to his room before I gave him another chance. He chose a banana and then his big brother followed suit.  The simple and not so fun thing about power struggles with kids is Parents. Always. Win.

I caught “I” reading through the letters of the alphabet with  her big brother’s Tag Reader. She sat there for more than 15 minutes all by herself going through each of the cards.  Not to shabby for 2 years old.

Daddy has been introducing “A” to a Star Wars computer game. He made his own character and while going around talking to characters in the game Andy turned down a quest. He later told his Daddy it was too dangerous. It made me laugh that James told him that nothing is too dangerous for a Jedi.

I can’t remember what I said that made E mad at bedtime. To redirect her, I asked for hugs and kisses.  She sweetly gave them, telling me that I could sleep in her bed if I wanted to.  I told her that Daddy would be lonely if I didn’t sleep in my bed and she told me that “D” could sleep with him.  These days “D” ends up in our bed every single night!

I think my kids’ hugs are my absolute favorite. I cannot get enough of the warm and fuzzy feeling that I get when they put their little arms around my neck to give me a hug.  Some times J still holds me in a hug until I tickle him to let me go.  It is an amazing thing to be entrusted with five little ones and I am thankful for them.


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