Silly Enough for Sharing

It was really nice out today so we took the kids outside to play. They were all playing and running back and forth and digging in the dirt. All of a sudden I look over and Andy is stretched out in the grass looking up at the sky. I wonder what he thinks about while he just lays there. A few minutes later he convinces his brother to lay in the grass with him, but his brother is not the kind for sitting still for long amounts of time. 

Usually my boys have pretty good aim when they use the bathroom.  Last night was an exception! Not only did one boy “miss” completely, but then his brother knocked all the toothbrushes onto the floor. I bet you can guess where they landed.  Then all but one kid had to wait until the toothbrushes were boiled and sanitized before they could brush and go to bed. 

Our bathroom has two doors. I forgot to lock one of the doors while I was taking a shower. One of the girls came in and asked, “Mommy, can you get me something to drink?” I told her no, but I thought to myself, “Umm sure I could give you a drink . . . If you like warm shower water!” 

We have been potty-training with Miss “I” lately. She seems to be on a roll.  She keeps singing a little ditty from “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.”  It goes, “If you’ve gotta go potty, STOP, and go right away. Flush and wash and you’re on your way.”  

Miss “I” would keep asking over and over again for, “Day Tine Neh Tine.” It took me almost 2 weeks to figure out she was trying to say about Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. She is usually very well spoken! 

One kid hands me a petrified piece of a sausage link. I hand it to the second kid and ask her to throw it away. The second kid is grossed out and drops it on the floor.  I was on my hands and knees searching for it. I even got the broom to do a sweep under the couch. Still no sign of the petrified piece of sausage. 

While drying one kid off after bath time I saw she still had two little specks on her face just below her eye. She yelled when I tried to get them off with the towel. Upon further inspection I realized they were two little splinters. I was able to remove them with tweezers. I am still wondering how on Earth she got splinters in her face and how long they have been there. 

It seems I have been getting extra gross kisses lately. One kid with a runny nose putting her open mouth on my face makes me want to RUN and go wash my face. Another kid blowing slobbery raspberries on my cheek equally grosses me out, but I know they both mean LOVE and not germs! 


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