It’s the Little Things

I ask the question, “Where are your pants?” a ridiculous number of times in one day. I think the girl just likes being able to take her pants off. It makes her dance and giggle when we tell her we can see her naked legs. I think maybe it’s an independence thing. She got mad at me the other day because I didn’t let her throw her diaper away. Who knew that throwing a diaper away could be such a huge deal to a one-year-old. You may or may not remember the Veggie Tales silly song, “Oh, Where is My Hairbrush?” My little one’s theme song these days could be, “Oh, Where is My Toothbrush.” That girl has been teething a lot but even when she isn’t teething she is always stealing her toothbrush and leaving it in random places.

My youngest boy is the sickest of them all today with a fever and a cough that won’t quit. He kept saying things like, “I’m really sick,” and”I want to go to Grandma’s house,” and “Every else is feeling better, why do I have to still be sick.” It was pitiful. He was a little bit listless but there were times where he would literally run around in a circle and after doing so he would end up in a fit of coughing. He wanted to forget that he was sick even if it was only for a few minutes. It was so funny when every time I would take his temperature he would says, “Oh boy, here we go again.” in the most pitiful and sad voice ever. It is tough to be sick. If only getting your temperature taken was as hard as it gets!

The one completely well kid has spent many a day planning trips to see people and places. First it was a trip to Michigan to see part of our family/friends that moved there. Then it was a trip to Alaska because I have been to Alaska before. Now it’s a trip to see our friends who live at “cabin camp,” or the Boy Scout Camp that we lived at for a couple summers. She has a whole slew of things she wants to give people that she remembers from camp. My favorite was a yellow strip of paper. When I asked her what it was she said it was a whip that our friend Thad could use to whip people that try to whip him. Another item that she had to give was a paper towel tube for Kenny that he could use to talk into to make himself louder.

She and I have also been having arguments about what her stuffed animals are. She came home from Grandma’s house with a red Ty beanie baby bull that she insisted was a yak. Eventually I took “Snort” the bull and told her that I was going to keep in until she agreed that it was in fact a bull. I don’t know why it worked but it did and “Snort” the bull has been a bull ever since. We even agreed that a bull is also a boy cow! Our other argument, which is still ongoing, is whether or not her “Little Howler” is a wolf or a huskie. It’s a huskie and the closest I can get her to come to agreeing with me is her saying, “Little Howler” is a huskie wolf.

I started to feel my newest addition fluttering around recently. I know those kicks and jabs will only get bigger!  My ultrasound date is set and I can hardly wait. Tonight while sitting around the dinner table I asked, “Who thinks the baby is a boy?” This shocked me because one of the girls has been holding strong to her vote that our new baby is a girl.  She told me that she changed her mind. We shall see in a little less than 4 weeks as long as our little one cooperates.

There may be only a couple completely healthy people in our house right now, and I may not be one of the healthy ones, but it is the little things that are huge blessings if I only stop to pay attention to them!


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