Things that Make Me Smile

Some times when I go to the grocery store I buy a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream just for me. I eat it after the kids go to bed at night. Yesterday for snack time I made the kids peanut butter milkshakes and after they went to bed Ben & Jerry beckoned to me. My current favorite flavors are Chunky Monkey, Strawberry Cheesecake, and Pistachio, Pistachio. I confess that I have been on the Ben & Jerry’s website trying to decide what flavor to try next. Ice cream is just one of the things that make me smile.

DSC_2110I had the awesome joy of going with my son to the zoo while the rest of my brood was cared for by my sister and my mom. One of the coolest things about our trip was the other little boy that I chaperoned had NEVER been to the zoo before!  He was so excited and his excitement made me smile! I will never forget him exclaiming, “Horse!” in front of a pair of zoo volunteers, when in fact there was a cow. The older volunteer kindly told him that it was a cow, that it was okay and that is why he was at the zoo to learn about animals. I love that he wasn’t embarrassed at all!  I paid for my son and his buddy to feed a giraffe, because of course on your first trip to the zoo you HAVE to feed a giraffe! His joyous declaration, “I can’t believe a giraffe licked my hand!” was priceless!

Mother’s Day made me smile. The night before I was given instructions not to get out of bed. I ended up getting out of bed because the youngest decided to be extra talkative while everyone tried to sleep, but I was given a “breakfast bag,” a brown bag with a cereal bar and my favorite cereal and a spoon. It was so sweet! The only problem was that he put the cereal into the bag two days early and it was really stale. At school he made me a ceramic harp, a card with a drawing of me, and he decorated the sack that the gifts were in.  After this my oldest daughter started coloring me different pictures and giving them to me. At church two of the kids made hand print cards for me.

I got to see my friend’s newborn baby boy at church and he made me smile. I thought about the tiny little person growing in me and wondered if my baby is a boy or a girl. I thought about Mother’s Day and what a tremendous blessing it is to be a Mommy. I thought about what it means to teach a child from birth that God is love. I prayed for that little baby boy and I smiled for joy.

I told the kids they needed to clean up the living room so they could have a snack. When the toys were put away my oldest declared, “The floor needs vacuumed! I will get the vacuum out!” He then proceeded to vacuum while his siblings all ran around him. My hubby set up a command center in the bedroom with his computer a chair and a ton of laundry. He got all the laundry folded! He had the kids help him put everything away except for my clothes. Getting help taking care of things around the house makes me smile!

The kids sang and danced. They dressed up as different animals. The girls dressed up as princesses. One got out her family of moose. There were almost more than she could carry but she still remembered that the angel moose is up in the closet! They took turns sitting next to me and in my lap.  They gave me hugs and wet sloppy kisses. Sure they can drive me crazy some times, but they make me smile!

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