Today’s Lessons about Life

I sometimes wonder what goes on in the minds of children. Today Miss E out of the blue started asking me about adoption. How do you explain this to a four-year-old. Some times babies stay with the Mommy who’s belly they grow in and some times they do not and another Mommy takes care of them.  My dear friend has an adopted son and so we talked about him as an example. He grew in his Mommy’s belly but his Mommy couldn’t take care of him, so she let another Mommy take him and now he’s adopted. “So he has two Mothers?” She was so sweet and sassy in her responses and questions.

At bedtime the girls picked a book about the 10 Commandments. Right away Mr. J said sadly and pitifully, “I don’t follow the 1o Commandments very well.”  I started reading and after the first 3 commandments I paused after each one and said, “Joshua you do those things well.”  Then we got to some of the ones that he struggles with some times. Honoring his parents. Telling the truth. He confessed so sadly and regretfully that he steals all the time, but I have no idea of anything that he has really stolen anything.  Does he really think he is that bad?  I tried to encourage him and tell him that the 10 Commandments can be hard for everyone and that we need to pray and ask God to help him do better. I think I’m going to have to make a point to pray with him because I think he understands that it is an inward battle to do the right things.

Mr. A was excited and fired up about staying home from school to go to my ultrasound. His hopes were high that our new baby is a boy. When the ultrasound technician told us that the baby is in fact a girl his heart sank. He moved to the chair in the corner and shed a few tears. He even said he didn’t think he would tell people at school that the baby was a girl. I was sad for him. He’s the oldest so I reassured him that he is still king of the castle. I told him that he will always be the oldest and that his job of being the big brother is super important. I even offered that he can help us name his baby sister because heaven knows we need all the help we can get with girl names. He seemed to feel better after that. Later today I overheard him saying, “We’re only outnumbered by two,” while talking about the boys vs. the girls.

I love conversations with my kids. I don’t think they will ever realize how much they are teaching me about life while I try to teach them lessons about life.


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2 responses to “Today’s Lessons about Life

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