Truth From Little People

Miss I is two years old and she completely reminds me of a Muppet because of how animated she is. She gets so excited when she talks about different things.  At bedtime, she came to me and threw her pajama shirt at me. She went on and on about not being able to find her pajama pants and needing to look for them in her sister’s bed, “Up, up, up!” (She and her older sister share a bunk bed.)  She absolutely insisted that I stand up so she could see how big I am.  I stood up and she proceded to exclaim, “Wow, you are really big!” I know she was talking about how tall I am, especially compared to her. I thought to myself about how I am actually a short 5″ and hugely pregnant. I have been feeling very huge and frumpy in my 26th week of pregnancy. My two-year-old doesn’t see me as being short or huge, to her it’s completely awesome that I am, “big.”

Today Mr. A, who is 7, was asking me about how many days it will be before he is 1000 years old. I tried to work out the math in my head and ended up giving him an estimate. I shared with him since Jesus is going to come back some time to reign as king of Earth he may get to live to be more than 1000 years old. This made his eyes light up and he shared with me that at Vacation Bible School they talked about Jesus coming back.  I am so proud that he’s getting what we’re teaching him.

Mr. J is all about honestly. I gave him a glass of milk after he had brushed his teeth for bed time because he reasoned with me that it was okay for him to brush his teeth again.  He said, “You’re the best, Mommy. Even though you’re mean to me sometimes, I still love you.”  I told him that I did not think I am mean to him, and he said, “maybe, just a little,” and we left it at that.  It’s unconditional love, just like how God loves us!

Mr. A and I got into a little argument and he said something that made me wonder if maybe I wasn’t just a little too hard on him. I am going to have to work on that!

Almost every morning the first kid to wake up is my one-year-old Miss D. She wakes up and says “Mom. :::short pause::: Mom. :::shorter pause::: Mom.  She does this over and over until I come and if that doesn’t work she starts calling, “Dad.” If she hears me stirring she says, “Mom”even louder. Her crib is  just around the corner from my bed in a different room.  She is like an alarm clock with a broken snooze button.  It has been driving me crazy to wake up to her calling for me. Then the other day I read this quote in a guest post on by a Momma with two kids who have autism.

Neither one of my boys can talk. I long for the day that they call for me over and over again until I want to rip out my hair… Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom mommommommommommommmmmm!!!!!!!

I immediately thought of Miss D and my perspective on my little daily alarm clock changed.  This morning after her calls I snuggled her back to sleep in my bed for a whole. extra. hour. and I still took a nap this afternoon! I cannot guarantee that she won’t make me grumpy, but I will try to keep it in perspective!

Miss E gave her talking puppy to Miss D. I was so proud of her for being generous, but I also know that she and I have talked a lot about how she can’t have any new stuffed animals unless she gives some away. She brought in a lot of other toys that she wants to give away or send to her cousins in the Philippines. She might just want new toys, but a part of me believes that she really wants to be generous and giving. Joshua gathered some of his toys and gave them to me saying he wants new toys too.

It is a fun thing to get Truth from little people. I can’t help it, I absolutely love it!

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