Thirty Days to Go

Look at you! You’re huge! You look like you’re going to pop! That’s a big cantaloupe! Oh for the love people! I know that I am enormously, as my husband likes to say, “Great with child.” I think about the only comment I like to hear is, “You look great,” even though I don’t quite believe it unless like my husband they are saying I am great with child.

My weekly doctor’s office visits have begun. A friend who is due the day before me was lamenting that people ask us how we are feeling all the time. The answer is mostly I’m hang in there with late pregnancy misery! I am tired a lot so I’ve tried to make a habit of taking a daily nap. I feel pretty amazing that most days I can nap! I have heartburn if I eat or if I don’t eat. I’ve got indigestion issues no matter what. I wake up in the middle night to go to the bathroom. My back hurts. My neck hurts. I have Braxton-Hicks contractions on a regular basis and they are miserable. I definitely feel like my body is not my own and that the little girl on the inside has taken over. Pretty soon she will take over life on the outside, but we love her, and so I’m hanging in there!

The day have really flown by as most days do with my crew and now we are down to the last month. In my countdown, I always add “give or take” to the number of days left but honestly I have only gone into labor once before my due date and that barely counts because it was one day before my due date and it was three kids ago!

I am totally okay with waiting another 30 days to meet my newest baby girl because we still have things to do! We need to buy a new crib mattress. We need to organize the girl’s room. We want to move Miss D’s clothes to her and figure out where to put them in the girls’ room. We need to bring all the newborn and 0-3 clothes up from the basement to be washed and put away. I still need to preregister for our hospital stay. We need to pack for the hospital.

It seems like we have waited until the last days to even start getting things ready but we are old pros at baby business.  My wonderful husband put together the baby’s crib in our room. He got out the baby swing.  We got the boys’ room organized so we can utilize more storage space in their room. We already have a take home outfit picked out.  We have saved baby clothes so their really isn’t much that we need to buy. The kids have picked out the baby’s first stuffed animal and a pillow pet. I crocheted a baby blanket and a baby cocoon and headband for the baby’s first photo shoot. I have debated about making a short list of things we could use, but don’t necessarily need, because after 5 kids some things we have could use updating. I figure this short list could be reserved for those who ask for it.

In thirty days, lIfe is going to get a little more crazy and a little more joy-filled and I am looking forward to it.


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