Any Day Now

My baby princess is going to come when she is good and ready and since there is no way to tell for sure the day or hour of her arrival we have tried to get ready. My sweet husband looked at the crib and said, “Wow. It looks like we’re going to have a baby.” The crib is all put together and decked out in baby bedding and mobile.  My bag is packed for the hospital with the exception of my toothbrush. The blanket and baby cocoon that I crocheted for our littlest princess are washed and packed for her first photo shoot. The itty bitty outfit that she will wear to come home is packed. I got out the teddy bear and little ladybug pillow pet that the kids picked out for the princess. My sister is on stand-by to come stay with the kids when I need to go to the hospital.  

These are the days of taking it easy and doing things much more slowly because carrying this baby has gotten more and more uncomfortable every day.  It hurts to walk  waddle. It hurts to move from sitting to standing and almost everything I do takes twice as long as normal. Trying to get comfortable and stay comfortable while sleeping is nearly impossible. Thankfully these things will shall pass when the baby comes.

My to-do list is a pretty short one and it’s a good thing because my body can’t keep up with a long to-do list. There are things on my list like getting online to make sure some of our bills are paid and putting in an order for a new pack ‘n play. I still need to get some of the big kids’ clothes stowed away in the basement. I still need to make sure my photo props are easily accessible, my camera battery is charged, and my camera cards are ready for the arrival the princess.

One thing is for sure that the newest little addition to our family will be loved beyond measure and hopefully we’ll be as ready as we can be for any day now.

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