End of Pregnancy Misery

I laughed it off when Miss E said to me, “You have a big fluffy hippopotamus bottom.” In reality it made me want to cry. There are very few shirts that I own that will cover up my bump these days!  I did tell her that her comment was not very nice and she said I was only joking. The next few times that she said something about my clothes she was much more kind. Like today when she could see my belly and she very gently said, “Mommy, I can see your belly, but if you pull your shirt down I can’t.”

Walking  and especially walking down steps can be hazardous to your health. I took one step wrong and ended up feeling like the bones in my hip regions were totally going to give way. I scared myself and I scared Mr. J. His, “Are you okay Mommy?” showed his genuine concern. Thankfully I didn’t fall over or hurt myself!

Sleeping with hip issues is a major problem. I can’t sleep with my knees together and I can’t sleep with them apart other wise I wake up not being able to move or in excruciating pain. I try to sleep sitting up and prop myself up in bed. I have a folded up comforter and a pillow behind me. Then I have a body pillow under one side of me and a throw pillow beside me to prop my belly on. It is definitely as complicated as it sounds. Trying not to move when you’re not comfortable is a task!

I’ve been trying to encourage the kids to help me keep the house at least some what picked up because the baby is coming soon. I am pretty sure this confuses Miss I. She keeps saying “The living room is clean so baby Gabrielle can come out.” If only life were so simple! The whole idea of not knowing the date or time when the baby is coming is a foreign concept for Miss I’s three-year-old mind.

Miss D, the current baby in our family, is about to be ousted from her place as youngest. I have to confess that I am a little worried but each and every day she is more independent. She’s even been carrying around her baby doll and telling us to “sshhh,” because the baby is sleeping. I’m sure she will adjust just like all her siblings before her.

The weather has cooled and I am thankful but I cannot help but lament the fact that my feet do not comfortably fit into my sneakers. I still want to wear slip-ons but my toes do get chilly.


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