Our New Normal

It seems like life without Miss G is beyond memory already and she’s not even 2 weeks old yet.  It’s like she has always been a part of our family and a part of our daily routine.

fbDSC_0361 Gabrielle

I get plenty of sleep. Miss G wakes up twice a night and we’re usually up for an hour each time, before she goes right back to sleep.

Miss G’s no-nonsense nursing style allows for plenty of time for me to get things done, but my body is still not fully functioning yet. I get tired easily and I’m still a little sore. The other day I was buzzing around doing different things and did not realize how tired I was . . . that is until Andy started reading me a story about bats. He was reading to me, and next thing I knew I had nodded off. James saw me wake up and we shared a knowing laugh.  I told Andy was I falling asleep and he assured me there were just a few more pages left to go. After he finished he said, “You can go back to sleep now,” and I almost immediately feel asleep for a 20 minute power nap right where I was.

Miss G is  already accustomed to the hustle and bustle of our house and she sleeps through just about anything and everything. Unless she is hungry or needs her diaper changed she is the most content girl in the world. Every one just loves her and what’s not to love? She is a blessing from above.

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