Starting Over

Our reef and theater were completely lost. My seven-year-old son was totally devastated. Okay, I’m not talking about an actual reef  or theater but I’m talking about two games that my son and I have played for months building Nemo’s Reef and the Muppet’s Theater. I had to get a new phone and since I didn’t save our usernames the progress we have made can’t be recovered.

In just the last couple months, I have experienced the loss of my cousin, a former co-worker, a former schoolmate, and most recently a friend. In light of these deaths, I am reminded this life we have been given will not last forever.

Life is fragile, handle with prayer.

I gave my son the choice to decide whether or not to start the games over again. He chose to restart one game but not the other.

We do not know the number of days that anyone will have. We must choose how we will spend our time and who we will spend our time with each day. I’m thankful that this life is not the end for those who believe in Jesus and trust Him for salvation. I’m thankful that Jesus gives us a chance to restart our lives with God if we choose.

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