My Day

4:20 a.m. Danielle fell out of bed and came into my room crying. I could hear Gabrielle sucking on her fist so I put Danielle back in bed and took Gabrielle into the living room to nurse her back to sleep.

5:05 a.m. I put Gabrielle back to bed.

5:15 a.m. I toss and turn a little before falling asleep

7 a.m. The chimes ring on my alarm. I walk out to the living room and am greeting by a hug from Danielle.  Everyone is awake except for Eliana. I sit down and Danielle gives me a diaper so i can change her. The boys start getting their cereal poured. I help Isabel and Danielle get their cereal poured. I sit down and eat a bowl of cereal and then start loading the dishwasher

I tell the boys that I am not going to pack them a lunch because they are both having Thanksgiving “feasts” at school today. They insist that they can bring their lunch so I pack both of them a small lunch. I tell the boys to get dressed, to brush their teeth, and to get their shoes on. I have to help Andy find socks. I call the boys into the bathroom and “unfluff” their hair. Joshua’s hair requires extra water and the blow dryer.

When I come into the living room I find Danielle standing on a chair in the kitchen eating cereal out of the box, so I put the cereal away. Eliana wakes up and asks to eat breakfast she has to wait because there are no more clean bowls. I hear D opening the pantry door and she gives me a granola bar to open. I tell her to put it back but she doesn’t.

8 a.m. I tell the boys to get their coats on because it is time to watch for the bus. I break up Eliana screaming and Isabel fighting over the Sit ‘N Spin. I stand at the door and watch for the bus with the boys. Eliana reminds me that she wants to eat breakfast as soon as the boys get on the bus, so I wash a bowl and pour her cereal and milk. In the kitchen I referee Isabel and Danielle fighting over a toy. Gabrielle starts fussing so I sit down on the couch to nurse her. Eliana asks for more cereal and so does Danielle so I break from nursing Gabrielle to give both of them more cereal. Then I sit down to finish feed Gabrielle.

The girls all sit down to watch TV. Isabel says she wants to watch Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood it’s not on find an episode recorded on the DVR! After G is done nursing I put G in her swing and D and I play Nemo’s Reef on my phone. G wakes up but is content. I tell E and I that they can watch one more episode of Daniel Tiger.

9:05 D just wants to sit with me and play with my hair, but I have to try to get some thing done .  . . . like the dishes I started to put into the dishwasher over an hour ago and the kitchen that is a mess from all the baking James did this weekend.

10:15-10:30 The dish washer is running. The extra dishes are washed. The kitchen counters are mostly cleared and cleaned. While getting all this done I was interrupted by a few text messages, and E telling me Isabel was crying in the bathroom. She said D hit her. I told D to  say sorry and give a hug to her sister.  A little later Isabel comes in to telling me that D has soap all over her hands. I go into the bathroom to find Danielle with both of her pajama sleeves soaked, so I swat both of their behinds and talk to them about not playing in the soap. I help D find clothes and tell E and Isabel to get dressed. While in the bedroom E comes in and tells me that G is crying. When I come back into the living room G is asleep. Isabel and D ask for juice. E comes in and tells me that she is wearing blue and I see that she picked out a skort. I tell her to please put on some pants.  Two minutes later Danielle tells me that she has juice on her shirt and proceeds to take it off. Yup 2 minutes for her clean sweater to be wet with juice. Isabel looks outside to tell me it is snowing. D finishes off her juice and asks for milk. She starts crying when she asks for chocolate Nesquik and I tell her no. She also asks for chips and I tell her no. She then wants me to hold her and cuddle her. I realize that her pants are too big.

11 a.m. The girls have been playing and pretending to be dogs. Danielle drags her pillow and blankets out for her bedroom and they all pretend to sleep on the couch. Gabrielle wakes up but she isn’t fussy. She is sinking in the swing so I pick her up and change her diaper. I was going to take a shower, but I guess I’ll just get dressed! I look at Eliana and realize that she is still wearing a skort after I told her to change into pants. We only keep the thermostat set on 73 or 73 and I am cool in my t-shirt and pj’s. She comes back crying. She hit her chin on her bed and scraped it a little. She goes back to her room and comes back again saying that she can’t find any blue pants. She brings a pair of her brother’s pants in and I asked her they are her pants. I tell her that she can wear her skort until I find another pair of pants for her. In the meantime Gabrielle starts crying and I realize that it’s time for her nurse again. Danielle makes Eliana by pushing her out of the makeshift bed that they have made on the floor. Eliana makes Isabel cry and then Isabel makes Eliana cry. I tell Eliana to play by herself if her sisters won’t play nicely and she goes back to her room for a little while.

1:29 pm. The lunch time hour was a blur. The mailman delivered packages and came to the door while I was getting dressed. The girls opened the inside door but left the storm door shut. All three girls were just standing there looking at the mailman as he stood out in the cold. One package was shirts that I ordered and another was a replacement Kindle. I opened the shirts and showed Eliana her shirt and Isabel proceeded to get upset because she wanted a shirt too. I try my shirt on and E just loved it because it is pink, a very neon pink!

The girls started asking about lunch some time around 11:30 a.m. Miss Danielle struggles with having food envy. She wants what everyone else is having! Eliana was having pbj so she wanted pbj. When I made chicken patties for Isabel and myself, she wanted a chicken patty. After lunch Eliana helped me by putting the silverware away and I emptied the dishwasher and put away the rest of the clean dishes. I packed up the defective Kindle to send back to Amazon. The next thing I knew it was almost 1 and time for Isabel and Danielle to take a nap. Danielle got up from her bed twice but finally fell asleep. I had Eliana pick up some things for me while I fed Gabrielle again. Then I let Eliana play games on my phone.

1:40 p.m. James is home from work and the littles are all asleep except for E. I think I will post this as part 1 of my day.

3:30 p.m. I lost all track of time because more packages came. This time from UPS. I helped James put a slip-cover on our recliner. I put a new screen protector on phone. James was sharing with me some of They gave me some of their school papers. Eliana showed me different things that she did on my phone. I fed and changed Gabrielle again. Now I’m sitting her and I can’t stop yawning! I could really use a nap!


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