Lent Day 2 – Giving Thanks

I’m thankful for the photography path that God put me on early in my life. I took my first photography class as a freshman in high school and spent the rest of my high school career on the yearbook staff. I learned a lot about being a better photographer during those early years. After high school I stayed close to home because of the journalism program that was offered at Ball State. It was there that I met my husband and continued to improve my craft. A family friend was a photographer for Ball State and I landed a job as a student photographer for the university’s photographic services department. There I learned from amazingly talented photographers and made several wonderful friends. After college I had big dreams of traveling the world as a missionary photographer and I even attended a Christian Photo-journalism conference in Texas two years in a row. My big dreams took on a twist when I got married and then became a missionary in my own home to six wonderful little people. I do my own photography business on the side along with lots of photography inside my home, and this past year was the most successful year of my business yet. I view photography as a way to share God’s love with others and I count it a blessing to make photographs for others. I’m thankful for all the friends and photographers that I have met along the way. 


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