Lent Day 8 – Giving Thanks

I have a few singers/song writers at my house. Upon being asked why Miss E was taking so long in the bathroom she calmly stated that she was singing a song about God. She is five years old.  I asked if it was okay if I wrote the words down so I typed them up as she sang the song for me.  I really want record a video of her singing the song.  I am so thankful that she shared this song with me because it shows me that she is hiding God’s Truth in her heart. Sin is annoying! God is important! 

God is Important 

March 2, 2014 

God made the first people Adam and Eve 

God loves us

God is our father

We are sheep

He is our shepherd

God is also Jesus

God is Jesus

God is our Father

God is in Heaven

He is watching over us 

To Him we are sheep

and he is our shepherd. 

God is important

Sin is bad

Don’t listen to sin

Sin is annoying 

God will wash the sin off of us

so we can be close to God again

God is the best and 

He is the greatest God ever

and the only God

God is important

God the Holy Spirit

God the Son

God our Father

Don’t listen to sin

sin is annoying 

sin is annoying 

Sin is not important

God is important

God helps us when we are hurt

God made all the people on Earth

God loves everyone

God made everything 

God loves animals

God is the one who got food for us

God makes the plants grow

God made Mommy

God loves books

God is very important

Not Sin

God teaches kids about Him

God is bigger than everything. 

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