Lent Day 10 – Giving Thanks

The laundry. never. ends. I was thinking about what I am thankful for while folding and putting away lots of laundry today. It got me thinking about clothes. It is a gross understatement to say that my family of eight has a whole lot of clothes.

The two boys are oldest. I discovered as soon as he could talk that my younger son is much more picky about his clothes than his older brother and he detests shirts with buttons or zippers, so I think about whether or not my younger son will wear clothes that I buy for my older son. 

The older three girls are right on each others heels as far as sizes go. Lately I have been moving clothes from one drawer to another drawer in the same room, instead of moving things in and out of the basement. Having four girls makes me very aware of what clothes are made to last and which ones to avoid. Children’s Place jeans are cute but they never last for the second kid. 

Our baby girl seems grow out of her clothes right before my eyes! I had to go downstairs to get some of the 6-9 month clothes before I even had a chance to get the 0-3 month clothes back to the basement. 

Because six of the eight are little people who are constantly growing I am forever rotating everyone’s wardrobe and I am thankful to that everyone has clothes to wear. I’m thankful for the clothes that I have stored in my basement. I am even thankful for laundry because it means we have clothes but shhh! don’t tell the laundry man! 


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  1. I had four little ones (five and under) and I had to change my thinking on laundry – and gratefulness did that. I was thankful I had a washing machine and I didn’t have to wash clothes by hand like my mother did, that I had water so I didn’t have to go to a river to do this after walking miles to do so, that I had electricity to power the machine and the money to pay for that, that I had clothes for each child and a child I loved to wear the clothes. I now still find doing the laundry a blessing, not a chore. Be blessed

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